Saturday, 23 August 2014

I'm changing tack

Last time I went on holiday I said nothing.  I just went and then when I returned I had to face a lot of emails, which was not a fair thing to do to either of us :-)

I'm going to be away again from next Thursday 29th August until around the 10th September or maybe a couple of days earlier, I have not decided yet, but at least you know what my plans are

Where on earth did the sun go this year?  One day it was hot and sunny and the next it was like Autumn.  It had no business doing that to me.  I had big plans for the both of us.. me and old Phoebus were going to do some serious bonding until Bertha appeared from nowhere and scuppered our fun/and my plans for keep the tan going a bit longer :)

I'm off to grab some rays before the winter, recharge my batteries.. oh well you know, just relax and kick back some sand :-)

There you go.. don't say I didn't tell ya x

So why do men pay for sex then?

I read the article.  It was sent to me by a friend who wondered what I thought about it.

Why do men pay for sex?

I read it.  I may need to go back and read it again as I skirted over the piece hoping to learn something new, but sadly I did not.

First let's make it clear........  Jo Fidgeon is not a prostitute.  She only presents the issues.  I say 'issues; rather than 'facts' because there are no facts here.

A number  of men explain why they pay for sex and we get the usual life situation story of their reasons.  Bless them.  They are my meat and potato, bread and butter guys.

We all have a reason to have dirty filthy paid for sex.  I have mine also with lust being at the top of that particular list

There is only one real reason why men pay for sex and dso you know what that is?

It has nothing to do with being married or single or divorced and widowed.  Those factors might be influencial of course, but the real reason and the only viable reason is because they want to.

Now argue the fuck out of that one.

Don't tell me about anything that I don't already know.  Do not justify the sex industry with whining platitudes..  It needs no justification at all.  I provide sex as well as my own input  body/mind/soul, and I like it. My clients appear to like it, so what other reason do you need pray?

.....Altered to amend exceedingly bad grammar and atrocious spelling mistakes.  I rushed this off yesterday before I went off to spend an afternoon in disgustingly good company :-)

Let this be the death of banter. I sincerely hope not.

Oh dear..............

I'm not going to mention names, times, dates.  I'm not even going to mention the texts that were sent from one individual to another in private, even though I have read them and don't like what I read...............  those texts were sent in private.

How many other people send each other dreadful'' in the most appalling taste' jokes on their mobile?  Have you done it??  I know I have !

Strangely, I have not received one for a few years, but at one time it was sort of fashionable to receive a joke and send it on...  they did 'the rounds' didn't they?

You know the sort of thing...  something awful happens and a joke appears which is in such bad taste, you can hardly believe what has been said.  Sometimes you gasp and delete the thing and sometimes you smile and send it on because it's a sort of 'graveyard' humour.

You had to choose who to forward the joke onto.  You knew who would not find it funny, and thus judge you for being the heathen you really are...  so you didn't send it to them, but you would send it to someone else who also sent you jokes of equal bad taste.............

It was not meant to do anything other than shock you or make you laugh out loud.............

It did not mean you were racist or sexist of fattist,or dwarfist, or anti semitic, or any other sort of 'ism'.
A joke is a thing designed to hurt someone or it would not make you laugh.  One of the funniest jokes was told to me by a black man who poked fun at black people.  I am not making excuses for bad taste jokes - that is what they are -  'in bad taste'.

I suspect there are a lot of 'Rolf Haris' jokes doing the rounds at the moment.  I know I heard one on holiday this year, and the whole club fell about laughing.  It went along the lines of 'what time is it?...  I see Rolf Harris has been in bed for three hours...............  depends upon how you roll if you laugh or not.

Other jokes about murders and atrocities were far worse, but they were sent all the time.

These texts were sent in private from one individual to another.

This is my argument.

Whether or not they were in good or bad taste is not the poiut.  It's the fact that they were taken and used to deflect something else far more pertinant, and the content of the 'Banter' was far more incriminating than the main issue.  Interesting.  Note the heavy presence of the Daily Mail here.  A 'coup' no less for this fine paper.

God bless free speech, but God preserve us from those who pry into private phone messages and the like and then use the content of to beat us with like a fucking big stick.

I wonder how many of those people who damned these two for sending these tasteless but private messages have ever done anything wrong in the whole of their lives.

God also preserve us from  those small minded, sad people who send anonymous emails in the hope that the shit will hit the fan..  This is just a private niggle of mine but equally as valid.  The person who did that to me knows who they are.  Some people's failed mental blakmailers eh?

The word 'hypocrisy' comes to mind here, repeatedly.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Picky? She's only a prostitute.. how dare she?

This won't happen again..  not with him at any rate.

I know I am hard to get a hold of for an appointment.  My circumstances make my availability restricting.  I have made this crystal clear on my site but do men read?
Judging by the messages that are left on my 'phone and the emails I receive - No !

I do not work on Mondays or Tuesdays because I do something else on those two days.  My working week begins on a Wednesday.

Due to the sensitive nature of my work, I never  bring my 'phone home with me.  It stays at my flat all of the time.  I can't let it ring at home, nor can I answer it unless I am alone, and tell me - when you live with other people, how do you really know you are alone in a house?  Somebody could be in bed or suddenly arrive home  and dive in the loo - I know because I do that!
... and then for them to hear me talking to a client............................... Nope.

This has happened in the past, and so it cannot ever happen again.  Not only that, it is so liberating not to be on the end of a phone at all times. My mobile does not dictate to me.

All of this makes it difficult for me to work , but not impossible.  I have have to find a way that works for me, and I believe I have.

If someone wants to see me they can call me and leave a message when the voice-mail kicks in or they can contact me directly by email or through A/work.

So..........  we have this guy who calls me infrequently.  I have seen him previously, and he's one of those guys who are a teensy weensy bit duplicitous, in that he is not up front and honest with me.

Typically he will make an appointment and not show up, then  after fifteen twenty minutes I will send a text asking him if he is still coming and he calls me and feigns surprise, saying he thought it was not happening since I did not confirm.  This is what he does every time and it is so unprofessional on his part.  He is a business man, so there is no excuse for his behaviour.

I always confirm.

He has not seen me for about two years, and he obviously does not read the blurb or he would know that by ringing up constantly he may not get to speak to me.

So he's been trying to get an appointment and not having much luck since I don't answer the phone.  I sent him a text saying sorry I missed you..........

We eventually spoke by email and I explained my situation to him.
He asked to see me yesterday,  so I made the trip down to my flat especially to see him.
I got ready and waited ..and waited ..and waited....................... after fifteen/twenty minutes I sent a text to ask if he was still coming...
He called me and said he thought it was not happening since I had not confirmed.  Oh here we go again..

He said he did not get my email which by the way was by return path..........................  I have since checked and it definitely was sent..........  then he said he could manage a half hour as I sounded upset.  It's a little game he plays, putting the blame on me.

I was not upset at all.  I merely wanted rid of him so I could go and do something else now.
He waffled on and then decided to 'up his game' - said he could increase it to forty minutes............ and I am the only lady he sees. Oh please..  If I had a penny for every time someone has said this...................

I was not playing a game.  I could not spare the time now.  Simple.  He had booked me for one hour.  By the time he got here now, even if I allowed him to stay for a half hour (which I won't/don't do), it would still be way over the time and I would be late.

Anyway, he is now in the doghouse and he will stay there.

In order for me to enjoy my work, I have to avoid manipulative situations like this and so, he will not be darkening my door again and that is a shame really, but, this was his last chance and he blew it.
I stand for nonsense until one day when I decide enough is enough.

I go to all these measures to be discreet, and what pisses me off more than anything is to have a wild goose chase down to my flat when I could be at home with my family.

Would you put up with game playing in your line of work?  So why should I then !  I mean can you imagine a dentist having to chase a client for a one hour appointment and the client turns around and says the dentist did not confirm and he can only give him half an hour?


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Thought for the day

Why do female porn stars think it is good to gurn when they are having sex?  I don't gurn when I'm 'doing it'.  I certainly do not gurn, nor do I make stupid noises faking passion or orgasms when I am in the throes of  passion:)  So why do they?  Wouldn't you have thought that on viewing their own efforts that they would realise how much better they would look if they quit acting?


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Prep for the holiday

Let me explain why I am making this post.  I use my blog for all sorts of things other than just to blog - for instance I am writing a book - it's an on-going task which I revisit from time to time.
I also use the blog to write lists and here is the one I wrote this week for my pre-holiday jobs.  I was going to delete it but actually it makes for a good read IMHO so I have decided to leave it and publish it.  Now you all know I am away next week and that job has now been done (telling you that is :).

It's Tuesday and I am going on holiday on Sunday.



Clear the ironing basket and change the bed  and clean the bedroom including the windows.

Start trying clothes on for the hol and bring things downstairs to pack.

What I actually  did...........

Go and buy dogfood   (good one)  and a fish tank and set it up  (unnecessary but also good)

Half the ironing was done and some washing including a rug that the dog had pissed on.

Cleaned the kitchen including the window at the front (had to be done - it looked bad - dog is a window licker)

Bought some undies.  Bought some shorts and a blouse.


.... and I am  working - it is the start of my week after all :) - but I can finish the ironing, peg out some washing, and make the bloody bed up and clean the room.

Try on some clothes and start packing.

Let's see how far this goes...........

What I did..

Went to the flat saw a client did lunch, finished the ironing, came home.  Went shopping bought toothbrush and paste and hair conditioner.  Made a casserole, ate it, watchedI 'Iwanna marry harry...'

Went to bed. Slept on the mattress cover not having made the bed up yet so -  another fruitful day :)


Clean the bedroom, make up the bed, put the ironing away, wash some clothes/towels

Continue bringing things down for the hol

Mow the lawns

Leave the garden tidy

Do some more cleaning in the house


Start with the bedroom this morning

So .. so far I have taken the mattress cover off and washed it along with some towels.  Done some hand washing and had my hair cut.  I have bathed and groomed my  dogs and cleaned the kitchen again, and part of the TV room...........

About to mow the lawns now so I am making very slow deviant progress................ :)

Finished the tv room, brought all washing in, cleaned my room, put clean sheets on the bed -( bliss for tonight - I can't wait.  It is one of life's pleasures and I always always laugh and jump about when I get into clean sheets.) and worked !!!  Yes I worked this evening.  That has to be a coup for me,  my fanny had healed over.  I am a virgin again. :)  and I mowed the lawns , put the rubbish out for the bin men.


Worked today but before I did I went out with the hose and watered everything. I like doing that :)
After work, I came home, had a curry, and then went to bed and watched re-runs of  Have I Got News For You and laughed myself silly.  Did you ever see the one where right at the end they showed Andrew Marr's love child and it was a monkey?  I nearly fell out of the bed laughing and what is so daft is I have seen it before and did the same thing :)

Not a very fruitful day for the old holiday prep then :)


Today is crucial.

...Brought the towels in I put out last night and spun then again as it is now raining beautifully, but as I look out - it has stopped so I might be able to dry them.  These are towels from my flat.

Put a final wash on - my life is summed up by the washing and cleaning really.  I swear it is what keeps my silly feet on the ground :)

Start packing in earnest and begin by OPENING the suitcases - it always helps:)

I am working later so after the bowl of porridge I will be bringing clothes down to pack and they WILL be going in the cases

Epilate my legs and if I can stand the pain - my underarms and top lip.  Yes you did read that right I epilate my top lip.  Nobody wants to see a lady with a 'tash do they?
Get the fake tan out and slap it on.  Paint the toe nails.

Let's see how far this lot gets then eh?

*wanders off to eat porridge*..'Andrew Marr's love child...  chuckles'............


Scrub the toe nails - I can do that on holiday.  Fake tan - done.  Case packed.  Hand luggage sorted - but listen to this, I also worked today...........
Knackered, but in a solidly good way:)


Sitting waiting for the taxi at a godawful time of the morning  Give my animals a last hug and I'm off to sunny climes :)

One week later.

I'm back.  I'm given to understand that you have been experiencing uncommonly good weather in the UK, but the weather where I have been has been even better, and there were copious amounts of alcohol to help in the evenings as I waited for the sun to come out next day :)

I forgot to pack my nail varnish, I managed to pack one pink flossy (shoe)  why??  Fuck knows.  I also forgot any make-up, but who needs it!

Holidays?  bring 'em on

P.S..  I'm back now and yes I do have white bits.  I am not a slapper you know :)

I do this from time to time

.. have a rant !

I go for long walks every day with my pets.  When I am walking along I get plenty of time to evaluate whatever subject matter is currently hanging around in my brain.
I am one of those people who constantly has a song going on in my head, and that is annoying at times particularly when it is a song I do not like :)
Similarly with current affairs, or my job, or my family;  there will be something niggling away at me which will not leave my head, until I have worked it out either by talking to someone at length and getting sensible answers, or - I sort it out as I go on my walks.  I put the world to rights all in the space of one afternoon :)

I'll admit it - I talk to myself when I am out walking.  I find it therapeutic to 'vent my spleen' (not necessarily in an angry way though) as it were, vocally.
Yesterday as I was meandering through the woods I thought about the way people attempt to discredit someone on line and the unfairness of it all. If one person says a thing and some other person/s endorses it by agreeing out of badness - it does not make it the truth, and should not go unchallenged

I had been reading a post on a trolling* forum I do not like; ( I should have known better than to expect anything else really) someone was enquiring whether or not a certain older lady was worth seeing, and the responses from people who had not ever met her were truly appalling.  I know of her from a punting form I used to post on and although we did not see eye to eye, I always thought her profile was good and her photos are nothing short of lovely.  In one thread this woman's reputation was shot to pieces.
She is another of those ladies who were around long  before I started working, so her rep has been solid gold for many years - that is - up until now, if the trolls have their way.

My job.
.. consists of me meeting men for paid for liaisons of a sexual nature. Obviously there is far more to it than that and you will know this if we have met :) Whether sex actually takes place or not is not what I am about.  It's hard to get the message across when you read the sex message forums discussing punting (which is the common term for men seeking and paying for sex) and you read with horror what some men really think about ladies like me.

They categorise us for one thing and they all have different categories according to what their own personal preferences are.  Some men only want to see young girls and so for them anything older than 25 is a no-go area.  That is fine, but please don't slate older girls just because you don't go there !

In order for me to do my job, I need to market myself, so I write a profile and have some photographs to show you what I look like.  Reading about me, taking a few minutes to digest what I am about and other such criteria such as the days I do and do not work is important so you don't send me a long email asking me to see you on a Monday.....................................

I've been about for a while so I have client feedback in the form of reviews.  I pride myself on having a sterling reputation in this business.  I am customer service dedication friendly if you like:)

I want to make my client happy.  I want him to return again for several reasons, one of them being my own self esteem - I will not lie.  Another is the safety aspect.  If I have seen you before, the chances that you will hurt or rob  me are less likely if I have met you.  To see you again, is a measure of trust on both sides.  This is a two way thing and I know and value that.

I work hard at my job, and I am happy at my work.

Recently - this year - something happened where another working girl was verbally attacked on a mainly mens forum where they accused her of doing something they had no real proof of.  They had her judged and hanged, and I took offence at this. It was a cruel witch-hunt and horrible to witness.
The lady in question was around long before I started working and has a first class rep.  She is a no nonsense lady who says what she thinks, and I admire that.  She has managed not to annoy anyone which in itself is an accolade in this biz because there are always lots of jealous women who bitch about the more successful of us.  I have never heard a bad word said about her, and yet these men think they can eliminate her from the scene  with a few vitriolic messages.

A career built on sound marketing, and great client feedback and damned hard work which they did their best to destroy in the space of a few days by whom exactly???  Anonymous bitter men?

I don't think so.

I stuck up for her.  It was the very least I could do.  It is what makes me unpopular on the forums, because I do not swim in the same direction as the rest, and never really have.
When I look back to my debating days at school and college, I was the one who always offered a different approach to a subject.  I have always been your original Devil's Advocate.

I like to think I make people think - to see outside of the safety of 'the box', and to challenge ideas and expand on them. I also like to think I would never stand back and watch somebody drown.  Believe me if those men and some other working girls which beggars belief and crosses a huge boundary for me - if they could have put her in the ducking stool and drowned her they would have, just going on the content of the posts they made................

Those men turned on me now and called me names.  They, in their wisdom and experience of this industry decided I was not fit to be working and said they would be sick if they saw me.  They also made speculative comments about my age, which in fact I have seen other working girls do on message boards.  This always makes me smile since nobody knows how old I am :)

It made me think about new clients, who might have wanted to see me and then read the crap these men wrote.  Would these men now give me a wide berth I wonder?  Then again, would I honestly want to see the sort of man who reads and contributes on such misogynistic message forums?

How would I know if I had seen any of them?  All of my clients are nice to me, and even if some of them never return, do they have the right to slate me when I delivered a good service and did not lie in the form of photo shop on my sites or in the profile I wrote?  The answer is - I would not know.

I do not think that by allowing and encouraging men to write hate things it is moving the industry forward - I think messages of hatred actually push our industry back a century at least, and  I am of the opinion that they must be very unhappy people.

Hey ho............


According to Wiki - In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtrl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]
This sense of the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, but have been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, mass media has used troll to describe "a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families."[5][6]