Thursday, 16 April 2015

I've sort of been pushed into making this post

I'm a good working girl. I love my job, and I love the thrill of seeing both old and new clients for lots of different reasons.

I like my regulars because we know each other and what makes each other 'tick' and maybe exploring new aspects of how we do things:)  You know what I mean...............

I like new clients also because of the thrill of the unknown and finding out what they are like, and what I can do, and how I can stretch them to do perhaps a little more than they intended?  Or not...

I never work if I don't want to.  I never give less than myself in an appointment.  I do not go through the motions.  It shocks me when I read of ladies who do.

I never take a call during an appointment and I have never texted other clients whilst giving a blow job :)  Oh my word - I don't know how some of  these girls stay in work !

I'm happy in my own skin.  I'm not the best looking girl you will meet, or the slimmest, or indeed - the youngest :)

Lately there have been some stupid people trying to scupper my rep.  Listen you idiots - You can't do that when the rep is earned by seeing clients who return.  You can try, and the amount of times people have tried is - well - I would need more than the fingers of two hands and the toes... and some..

They have all done it you know...........  the outings...  the slurs on my character, the comments on my figure, and the comments by women on my age.  They have even tried to post my real name on message forums................

It's all been done before..........  so go on - give it your best shot, and then when you have done go and crawl back under that stone you live under why ay..  pet.

Yes, I know who it is this time.  I have had emails from people who have expressed their disgust at the private messaging that has been flying about regarding me.

I would like to say that I have never told anyone what my real name is.  I would never be so thick as to do that.  It does not begin with a 'J'. much as you would protest that it does.

I have also never told anyone how old I am, but hey these monkeys seem to think they know.

You do not stop me from working.
You do not figure in my life
I have better things to do than worry over you.

So why make the post?

I'm angry?  fair enough?

I have regular clients who I think and hope? me.  All good working ladies do.

I am becoming increasingly hard to get a hold of, and to stop some of this from happening I have undertaken certain measures.  I will not see anyone under thirty.  To anyone who is under that magic 30 you will have something to look forward to :)

I won't see anyone who texts or who sends silly messages without an introduction.  I block them.

I will see you if you send me a decent email.  I'm not asking for Mills and Boon but I do expect politeness.

It's because I have so many asking to see me I have reluctantly decided to raise my hourly rate.  This will not affect anyone who has seen me before or anyone who is in the process of seeing me.  I'll be raising the rate after I return from my break next week.

And to those people who don't know me at all, but wish to champion those who are trying to spoil my rep  Go and boil your head :)

Monday, 13 April 2015

Morning Peeps

What a glorious day.  Hope you have a good one.  I'm winding down again this week.. about to have another holiday and hopefully I will get all of my jobs done before I get on the plane.

I remember one of my holidays distinctly because it was the time that Bin Laden was killed and it was constantly on the news in our hotel room.  That was Tenerife, May, 2011, and a last minute  cheap break.  So cheap in fact that the food in our gaff was inedible and we had to go to another hotel to eat.

You always get what you pay for !

The last holiday and most recent was marked by the exit of Zayn Malik from One Direction...LOL  Not exactly a red letter day for him or for me.....................  and much  more awfully, the Germowings aeroplane disaster where the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz  allegedly deliberately locked himself into the cockpit and then crashed  the plane into the French Alps killing everyone on board.

I wonder what will happen on this holiday?

That's life for you...  you never know what is around the corner do you... I get up and turn the TV on, and while you were sleeping something somewhere in the world happens and changes our lives or at least some of our perspective on life itself.

Incredible things happen all of the time, which is why the inconsequential stuff should not have an effect upon us.  It all depends of course, on what you think matters.

There are times when you may read some article and it makes you angry, especially if it is not true.  The more intelligent of us will do nothing because if something is not right then it will come back to bite the author on the arse

If you do good things then good things will happen to you.  I firmly believe this, which is why I have a good life apart from the odd outside influence of course...  oh - Zayn Malik.. why why why?


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Which side of the fence are you on then?

Or don't you have an opinion?  Do you sit on the fence and watch the show?

Should prostitution be made legal?  Should be be illegal to pay for sex?

I am in a very small but happy minority of those who choose to work .  I am so fortunate in that I take care of myself in every respect, from advertising, to answering the phone and vetting the clients, to sorting out my financial affairs including those of my pimp - the taxman.

It seems society is also happy to look down on me, call me names and look upon me as filth, but equally as happy to take my money :)

The problem here is that I am in a minority.  I have choices.  I do this because I want to - any other reason for me being a prostitute is irrelevant.  I can leave the room if I wish, or I can stay.  I wonder how many prostitutes in the world today have that luxury?  I don't think you can put a price on individual liberty.

It's all very well saying you want ladies like me to be able to work in pairs for the safety aspect, when there are those who traffic and pimp.  When there are those who do not consider the welfare of the ladies they bleed dry every day of their lives, using their bodies for financial gain, not caring whether or not they live or die.  Yeah...........

I m a person of worth.  If I decide to sell my body, then I should be paid for my services.  I decide what my hourly rate is, and I get to keep every penny of that money.  I decide if I don't want to work that day.  I have all the cards in my hand bar one and that is the right to be safe.

If I am assaulted by a client and hurt, would I be given the same respect as any other woman?  I doubt  we would be given the same treatment by the police should either of us be assaulted - even though we both pay our taxes !

All I would ask for is that I can be safe.  You might say stop being a prostitute then !  You would also be saying that you understand the situation !

I don't want to make the case to be made easier for the pimps bringing girls into the UK from EE countries, working them from city to city in flats.  These poor girls are coerced into seeing multiples of men every da.   They find out from the client himself that they are advertising anal sex  and other unacceptable services on their profiles which they have not even seen.  The profiles are written by their pimp.  I don't want to add to the misery of these women who are treated worse than animals.  I don't want to compound their misery, by making my situation easier, thus providing an umbrella for the pimp, and this is the problem.

Whether or not it is legal or otherwise for ladies like me, I can't stand on the sidelines and watch the inane cruelty that goes on every day, every minute in the name of prostitution.

Someone once told me that vice means instant profit.  Even the drug dealer has to buy his drugs in order to sell them.  All vice does is to open it's legs.... or in the case of the trafficker - to groom the girls, gang rape them and work them to death.......

If there is only one girl in the world today being made to work against her will, then I say I agree with the new law making it illegal to pay for sex.  Me?  I can take care of myself.  Those other ladies can't and deserve my quiet support.

It's not an ideal world.  I'm looking forward to eating the omelette made from unbroken eggs.

What would I do then since I'm so good at talking about it?  I would stop the pimp from being able to advertise for one thing.
How else are these girls getting work?
They work from flats.  How did they manage that when they can't even speak the language?
Stop the trafficker and then address the rest, but first and foremost  stop the cruelty - don't add to it. Get the message across to the punter not to see the foreign girls who are here one week and gone to the next city the next.  No market - no demand - stop the supply.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Having written the previous post, and then upon reading some of the comments, I am prompted to tell you of another ridiculous episode in the life of this working girl.

I am convinced that nobody else has ever been as thick as I, or perhaps I should use the word 'gullible' as it makes me look a little better.

This load of guff occurred in the summer of 2005 and the events are a little hazy but the outcome is one of someone having me over again.

I had an email from a guy wanting to see me at my  flat.  He sounded really nice and said he had never done anything like this before.   I highlighted that bit because it is crucial for the case for the prosecution :)

He made the appointment for two hours,  but he got the date wrong.   He arrived a day early when I was not at work.   Apparently he had  been pacing the street and heard screaming coming from one of  the buildings in the vicinity and thought it was me being attacked or something.


He wrote me a long email explaining that his personal life was in tatters.  I had destroyed his faith and he was terribly upset.  How could I do this to someone who was vulnerable??

The contents of the email had me in tears.   He definitely had the wrong date though...

I told him that as a gesture of good faith I would see him for two hours for a one hour fee.

We rescheduled the meet and he duly turned up.  He told me his wife had left him and gone off with another man, stopping him from seeing his children, and bleeding him dry almost bankrupting him.  He talked to me about my job and at the time I did not think much of it. but later I realised he was 'picking my brains'

We had a nice meeting and he stayed for over two and a half hours and paid for one.

This was what I agreed, but I do think a decent man would have at least offered to pay for the two.  I would have declined his offer, but he did not.

Much later I received an email from another working girl, who said that she  had been turfed out of her rental flat because the neighbours had complained to the landlord.  She was asking my advice about outcalls to hotels.  She said she had not been doing this for very long and I tried to help her with my knowledge of outcalls.

As the emails between us became more friendly she told me she had this boyfriend who was a punter, and she knew he had been to see me.  In fact they had chosen me for a reason which was to pick my brains, because they were thinking of starting an escort agency together.

All that rubbish about his wife was a lie and he saw me for two hours plus for the price of one.

She did not know he had done any of that,  , and then she opened up and said he was getting sex from her for free, promising that she could move in with him when they started this escort agency..

He had promised her he would not have sex with me.  He said he would only talk to me...  yeah...  horizontally :)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


No........  I don't mean hair and nails :)

I used to work for an agency, a third party who organised my appointments.  The agency boss was supposed to make sure the client was actually in 'room 21' in the hotel, and was supposed to - as much as anyone could on a 'phone - sound out the client.

More often than not she took the appointment and did not check to see if the guy was in the room or in the hotel either, and as for sounding them out, well this was not exactly the best way.  I mean.. why turn a guy down just because he sounded a bit 'odd' and lose a commission?

I decided to work for myself, which meant that I took care of my advertising and I also took the calls and spoke to the potential client.  I found that working for myself was much better, but even a girl who is not in her teens can be groomed as I found out to my cost.

When you work for someone else, you do not know if the guy you are sent out to see has actually requested you, or if you are the second or even third option.  You don't know if the boss is blowing smoke up your arse when she tells he 'he actually asked for you'.

When you have your own website and a guy calls you, you know it is you he wants to see.  This can make you a little giddy especially when you are new to this, and a friendly voice saying lovely things about you  paying you compliments, can turn your head, and feed your silly ego.

A man called me one evening and we had a conversation which was a lead up to a potential appointment.  I will admit that I was a little 'green' shall we say and I believed everything he told me.

The story was that he was someone who had properties abroad, and in the UK.  He was a businessman and had to be very careful about which ladies he saw.  He talked a lot and blinded me with bullshit in the name of science.

We spoke over a few weeks.  He called me a lot, and I liked him.  We chatted freely.  He said that the right girl would be taken abroad to his home in South Africa, or his home in France, and the potential was there for me to make a lot of money.

As we chatted he talked about his fantasies...  having sex on the beach and other things.

He told me he lived in the Yorkshire Dales, and he asked me if I would indulge a fantasy for him.

The fantasy was that I would drive to a car park, get out of my car , bend over the boot wearing stockings and suspenders.  I would leave a condom in the boot.  He would arrive, put the condom on, fuck me and leave without me even seeing him.  He would leave the fee in the boot.  We agreed a fee which was over and above my hourly rate.  He said he knew this was a trust issue but he needed to trust me too.  Oh dear............

Can you believe I went along with this?  Reading it back now I can hardly believe it myself and if another girl asked me what I thought, I would tell her not to be so irresponsible with her body - her life, but...  I had been talking to this confidence trickster over a long period and felt so horny when he mentioned the fantasy that I was as keen as he to do it.  I was putty in his hands as they say, and he must have been laughing at me - he certainly was laughing afterwards :(

I drove out there to a train station car park.  I placed the car where he asked me to, got out of the car, opened the boot and leaned over into the boot space.  I was wearing the stockings and high heels as requested.  I remember how much I was shaking at the time, and how afraid I was but excited at the same time especially when I heard him approach me.

He put the condom on and slid his cock inside me and fucked me.  When he had finished he told me not to look round.  I dutifully obliged.  I heard him leave and looked round to see him legging it over the wall of the car park.  He did not leave the fee.............  why would he?

How could I have been so stupid?

Some people are experts at grooming others on the Internet.  Some people groom young girls into thinking they are a young guy when in fact they are several decades older.  I can understand how this happens when they say things that excite and interest you.

I was in my thirties when this happened.  They say you learn something new every day, but hopefully when you do, you don't pay a price for that knowledge, as I did that night.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Eclipse tomorrow (Friday 20th March 2015)

I remember the last total eclipse which was in 1999.  This was years before I became a working girl.  I remember it so clearly as if it were yesterday.

I was working and my husband was at home looking after our little ones.  Lots of people were talking about viewing this phenomenon at certain vantage points close to where we lived at that time, but I was at work by myself.

At the time the moon passed directly between the sun and the earth, it went dark.  I remember standing outside in the garden and the first thing I noticed was that the atmosphere was so still and surreal, almost as if the day was frozen in time, but also that no birds were singing.  They had all been fooled and had gone to bed !

Then it went dark, but how weird was this in the middle of the day?

And then it came light again slowly.  I remember some people saw the eclipse in its phases - one of them being  "The Diamond Ring".

The best thing I remember about it is that I know where I was and it takes me back to a time when my children were little and that's what memories are made of

Fab x

Monday, 16 March 2015

La di da di da............

Ah  Gwon... I've heard it all before....  let's see...  the student who finds it hard to make 'ends' meet while she is studying, starts working as a 'High Class Escort' to help pay for her needs....  works for a high end escort agency, and then writes a book about it.

Yup.  Old hat.  The book, which I  read a very small part of (since I am already there working and could write 'The Book' which would be too explicit for publication anyway..)  was boring and very much about me me me in a boring sort of way...  yeah.. that book.

The book which glamourised this industry and made it look so easy to enter into, encouraged other women who picked it up in the supermarket as they did their weekly shop,  take it to bed with them that night and read it and then think  I'm going to try 'a bit of escorting'.. ...........................assuming it would be easy because 'hey I do it with my husband so I'll go out and get paid for being laid'....   not realising that we working  ladies  are the ones in general who do all of the hard work and the laying.................... ............. left a lot of disturbed and damaged ladies who now they have tried it, and been unfaithful to their husbands, and realise very early on in the proceedings that this was not for them, not now, not then, not ever... and by now since they have gone and  done it - there is no going back...............  and that is what makes me despise people who write these books which sensationalise this industry.

Yeah that book.

Now she has herself down as some sort of ambassador for prostitutes even though she was never a prostitute was she?  No...  she was a 'High Class Escort' which is completely different except for the fact that even high class escorts have to suck and fuck.........   and that brings me right back to all of those ladies who tried it and wished they had not............

I still remember the email I got from a lady who had read that book and decided that she was ideal for the job.  She had a good figure, and dressed well and thought she could do it - she really did - until the first time she saw a man in an hotel and afterwards felt as if she had been raped....  She felt violated and could not stop crying.  She wrote me a heartfelt email and wanted help of some sort.  She had not told her husband about it either so she was in a mental and physical mess.

She wrote that she had never done anything so stupid in the whole of her life and how was she ever going to be able to forget the experience and then get over it.

This is the damage you can do when you write a book glossing over the reality of prostitution.

These women who call themselves 'High Class' and 'Courtesan'............  they anger me.  They raise the bar and separate prostitutes.  They create a division of class.  They make it look unreal and almost like show business.

When we do this for a living and then decide to write a book, we owe it to other prostitutes and to ladies who suddenly think they can do this (if they really thought they could - it would not take a book to make you take the step it really wouldn't)  to not sensationalise the reality.
The reality can be tacky and dirty.  The reality can be annoying when you have a no-show, and the reality is that you work when sometimes you maybe should not if you are feeling under par or if you really don't want to that day.............  no - the books don't say any of that do they?  They talk about lingerie and champagne and school fees for goodness' sake..........

Oh do me a favour..........  now after not being in the limelight for a while she is back suing someone for saying she was not a prostitute !  She never was - didn't you read her bloody book?  She was a 'High Class call girl'  purlease..............

Oh and by the way she was an escort.  I know someone who saw her.  ...said she was alright but had awful skin.  Acne I think.

Never forget that no matter how high class a working girl may be, she has to suck and fuck for a living.  There is nothing high class about that, but if it is done right, then it's world class :)