Saturday, 12 July 2014

Saturday the 12th July 2014

..and it is two years since I joined Adultwork after having said I would never join up there :)

It was  purely a business decision, but it proved to be a good one.  I don't advertise anywhere at all these days apart from my own website and a free PN listing.
I do not use any of the 'escort' advertising sites, I no longer contribute on forums and I stick to my blog to air my views on everything from politics to toilet humour of which I am a huge fan :)

To say that I keep such a low profile, I have over 120,000 views to my profile on AW in just two years and I think that is amazing.
This does not mean everyone who has looked at me on there has liked me or even wanted to see me, but then there's no accounting for taste is there !

I'm having a great day today.  I had an extremely late one last night with a favourite client.  I left my place at 4.30am and it looks like a bomb has gone off in there.
I will return there later as I have an appointment this evening......  I know I don't normally tout, but this is too good to miss.  It's a two - guy booking.  I expect to be spit roasted among other activities of a strictly sexual nature.

What a lucky girl I really am

Ciao x x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Now this is an odd one..........

At the beginning of my career I was an outcall girl.  I worked for an agency.  They procured my customers, they dealt with advertising and they called me up when someone was wanting to see me.  They also dished out lots of advice with regard to all aspects of the work.. including what to do if a client was ill, or worse than that - died while you were with him.

The boss said,  'if he pegs it, take your money and leave.  Don't take any more than the fee, but get the hell out of there'

This was in conversation, and nobody ever expected that anything bad would ever happen, but the conversation had to be had, if you get me.

I have been with a client when he was ill after having taken a Viagra tablet.  It was scary.  One minute he was fine, and then suddenly his face went bright red,  he started feeling anxious, and he said his his heart was racing...  beating so fast he could not even count the beats.  H was pacing the room, and I know he was really frightened.
 He was sweating and felt sick and dizzy and we both thought he was going to have a heart attack.
 He took a cold shower to calm everything down, and it did not help.  We sat quietly on the bed waiting for the effects to dissipate.
I was ready to dial 999, but after a while things calmed down and he was okay.  He had taken a whole Viagra tablet instead of his usual half, and it was obviously too much.

At no time would I have left him alone, even though our time had been up hours ago - this man was a client but he was also a good friend.  If we had to go to the hospital, then I would have willingly gone along.  If things had taken a turn for the worse and his family were called, I would have slipped away so there was no embarrassment

I did not supply the Viagra, it belonged to him.  He had taken it before I got there.

What would I do if someone died?  I would check his vital signs first to make absolutely sure he was dead and then I would have left.  I would not take any more than the fee.
Nobody's wife needs to know he was with a hooker when he died.  If he was dead, it would not make any difference if I stayed and perhaps made the 999 call.  It would complicate matters and cause a whole lot of grief.

So, what if the guy was doing drugs?  What if he was injecting Heroin?  I have never seen anyone who has done anything like this.  I have seen people who snort coke, smoke crack and weed.  There is no accounting for taste is there?  The guy who smoked the crack was an aristocrat.

I don't know what the effects of taking Heroin are, but I have seen people inject themsleves on TV and then go into a sleepy stupor.  If my time was up and I was ready to leave and my client decided to take Heroin and then fall asleep, why should I sit around?  I haven't asked him to take drugs, that is his decision to do that.  If he falls asleep, I would probably do the same thing that This girl did, and that would be to pick up my fee, drain my glass and leave.

She is being charged with manslaughter.  I don't know the facts surrounding the case, but it looks to me like he wanted to take the Heroin.

I do not think I would see someone who injected. If I got to his place and he did that, I would never see him again.  It would be too scary and waaaay out of my comfort zone.  I like to be in some sort of control for my own safety.  My clients enjoy a glass of vino at the most, and of the rest, the majority seem to like a glass of water.
The drug user is rare, but not unusual.  However this sort of scenario is not something I would want to be involved in no matter how much he wanted to pay me.  Anything with needles is a no-no for me unless the client uses a needle to inject Viagra directly into his cock.  I have known two men who have done this.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Magaluf Girl

Oh Shock horror............... another Brit on holiday making a tit of themself, and we are all supposed to - nay expected to - be horrified?

Hold on a mo'..............  there were more people involved in this tacky bar game than the trollop sucking cock.  There were other trollops with their cocks out.............

Here is the uncensored video if you can bear to watch...........  you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page :)

It's pretty bad.  It's awful actually, and also very very boring.. I mean, what an apalling technique :)  However, I am not shocked nor am I surprised., not one bit.  Isn't this what we Brits do abroad in these places, or should I say some of you?

They call  Magaluf,  'Shagaluf'.    There has to be a reason for that !

In the constant search for news,  between the Kardashishagian family procreating and extending their bums beyond human belief, and wondering what the excuse for Andy Murray's shock defeat  (no shock to me) was, they dredge this little gem up.


Apparently there are youngsters shagging on stage in these holday resorts for a drink as well, so we missed that one luckily.
At one time you had girls showing their bare bottoms in the street in these holiday resorts, now they show their front bottoms such is the level of degradation these days.

It's Sodom and Gomorrah innit.

..  currently waiting for a giant Monty Python foot to appear out of the sky and crush them all like ants, or failing that a flood of biblical proportions, and if the latter is to be expected, please could we compile  a list of those to be excluded from the Ark?

I'll begin

The Kardashians with or without Kanye West and his potty mouth.   Kim's arse would take up too much space anyway.

The McCanns  I've had enough of the circus now.

The new breed of royals  taking  benefit scrounging to a whole new depth level

The entire cast of ISIS and their soundtrack :)

Yorkshire tea...  'lets have a proper brew'. No seriously - let's not bother. That's a Lancashire colloquialism, and slightly jingoistic.  In fact all professional Yorkshiremen should be barred.. lets get shut of the bloody lot.

Anyone who calls Harewood House  'Harwood'.  Shame on you.

And then the rest of the runners up 'cos lets face it, one is bad enough without two of the same going in..

Victoria Beckham, for being miserable and no other reason - oh well maybe being painfully thin.
Wayne Rooney and his gurning family.  Please take Colleen along with you Wayne.
Jeremy Clarkson, he's just as unpleasant to look at as he is to hear.
Simon Cowell for his contribution to the ruination of any remaining talent anywhere, and One Direction.  yes Simon, Please put them in yer pocket when you leave the boat.
Paul McCartney for having more money than Rington's have tea leaves and still wobbling his miserable jowells on anyone who is daft enough to buy a ticket.
Anyone who goes swimming in shark water and wonders why it bit their leg off , similarly, anyone who plays about with wild animals and wonders why they are now dead,
The bastards who sold me a garden 'arbour and did not tell me to paint it before I assembled it, Emma Bunton for having no talent whatsoever,  Lily Allen for being vile, Bob Geldof for being to parenthood, what oven chips are for the palate, and in addition a stranger to soap.
The new Maccy Dees grilled chicken sarny can also leave the room.  It is vomitworthy.  I'm not lovin' it.

There are more.........  I'm just out of time at the moment.  I had to give a decent blow job to someone who has never had the inclination to go on holiday to Magaluf :)

Adding on..........  I have to include Keith Lemon with his overegged Leeds accent.  I can't stand the guy.  It's my list here:)    I am not including Katie Price because she is a self made woman :)  There is something about her which I do like.  I think it is her tenacity more than anything else, and the fact that she is her own person and a woman's woman.
More later :)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

It's a life changing decision become a prostitute.

You cross over to 'the other side' when you make the move from living a normal life to doing this.
 It is not like any other job.
You are not just performing a service as a masseur or a beautician does, you are sharing your body with another person.  You are doing something so personal - something that only lovers do, something a husband a wife do, and here you are doing one and the same but for money.  You are also living in a sort of a parallel universe because you may have another job, and you certainly had a life before you embarked upon this line of work.  The two have to run alongside one another entirely separately.  Your family can't call in to see you in between clients.  Your family can't even know about this, unless you are really lucky and have a family who understand.

You are enabling some guy who never has sex at home to be able to have it it by simply  paying for it.  It requires no real effort on his part.  He does not have to bring flowers, or take you out for a meal, or any of the other things men think might get them lucky!

No.  All he has to do is give you some money, and if he is lucky he might get some lovely lady who gives herself as well as her body.  Largely, I think the opposite is more often the case, and he will merely get a service without any of the passion and the tenderness of a loving relationship.

For some men this probably suits them fine, as they do love their respective other half, and have no intention of leaving this woman they are so fond of.  It is convenient.  They get to have their cake and eat it - for a price.

Other men may want to see a lady for different reasons.  Not all punters are attached to another person.  Some are single men who simply do not have the time for dating -they  do not rule out meeting women, but they have needs and until they do meet 'the one' this will do for now.

Some men may be bereaved. They may have waited a long time before making the  giant step of approaching a lady like me.  All of us are vulnerable, but maybe some are a little more than most.

I am a prostitute.  I am alone.  I can't tell anyone what I do, but I do have an affinity with a lot of the men I meet.  We understand the need for sex without sympathy.   It's just something we do.

Where do I stand in all of this?  Like my punters, I have a need.  I have a life away from my family.  I am able to talk freely with some of the men I meet; not all of them as some of them just want the sex and not much more, but we all have one thing in common, and that is to reach out to another human being and feel a connection, whether that connection be mental or physical or even both it's all good.

It is not my place to judge another human being.  I don't have the right to do that, and if I did wouldn't I be some sort of hypocrite?  No -  It is my job to make another person happy for a while.  This is how I view my work, my vocation.

There are some jobs you know you could not do, but admire the people doing them.  Jobs such as those who work with old people, dementia patients, and those who work with children.  Very often you will hear someone say 'I don't know how you do that - I couldn't.  I suspect they may say the same of prostitution, but with an entirely different tone of voice!

Would I expect people to understand me if I said what I do?  Nope.  Do I want people to understand me then?  No.

Like I said in the beginning - it is a life changing decision.  Don't expect to win friends and influence anyone if you embark upon this route.  Expect to lose friends, and risk the pain your family may endure if they find out what you are doing.  I think the pain comes from the shock of knowing you are selling yourself for sex with men , and is more a mind blowing fright than a considered decision that you might know what you are doing or even enjoy it.  To enjoy it is probably the biggest betrayal of everything you stood for before they discovered this other you which is an alien concept, and of course - unacceptable.
Do not for one moment think this is an easy job with easy money, because if you do it right, it is probably the hardest job in the world to do, and yet for me, the right one x

As an addition to this post I would like to add this:_

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard this story about a guy who thought his girlfriend was cheating on him so he decided to follow her.  They said she was not cheating at all...  it was far worse than that.  He discovered that she was a 'lady of the night'; she had started doing it to raise extra money.  The comments that followed showed exactly what people think of us.  They said she was not cheating - Quote " it was far worse than that" - Unquote.     They made it sound as if she should be written off as a flawed human being, not worth the bother.  This is what people think of ladies like me, and this is why I would never tell anyone what I do, and why would I want to inflict that level of misery on myself.

This is what I mean by crossing the line.  When you start doing this, you move from being a valuable member of society into the dregs.  It does not matter what you do with the rest of your time.  In fact that actually compounds it.  If you were doing something in your day job that was valuable, you would be deemed unfit to do it and sacked.
Society may like to use our services but when you ask people what they really really think - a prostitute is something you scrape out of the gutter.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Rolf Harris.. again.

Apologies if you think this is boring, but I feel disturbed.  The man is in court this morning and about to be sentenced for historical offences against girls who felt they had nobody to turn to.

He forced his attentions on innocent people over forty years ago, and now for some reason, probably because of the Jimmy Saville enquiry, they have all some forward to tell the world what he did to them all those years ago.

Money money money

I have no problem with this.  If he did the crimes then he stands to be punished for them.  I have already said in a previous post what I think about this which is basically that any sentence they afford to him will be a death sentence and I truly believe that.  Please do not misunderstand.. I am not a fan.  Rolf Harris was someone we all watched on the TV because he did things nobody else did.  He was multi-talented and no mistake, but I don't think I ever thought I might like him.  The only time I thought he was cool was when he sang Stairway to Heaven

Does he deserve a death sentence?  His victims might say yes to that.  I don't know what they think as I am not a mind reader, but oh dear, I am sure after he is sentenced they will all come crawling out of the woodwork to tell the tabloids (for a hefty fee) exactly what the man did, and how their lives were ruined.

I'm waiting.

I'm waiting to see if they go on the 'This Morning' programme to tell Philip and Holly all about it while he languishes in prison.  You might say so what?  You might say he bloody deserves it !  I won't argue with that.  I'm not here to put up  a defence for a sexual predator of the worst kind hiding behind fame and almost using that as a tool to shoe horn him into little girls.  Forgive the pun, it was not intended and I certainly don't think any of this is funny.

I don't agree with any of it.  No amount of money will mend the damage he inflicted on little girls will it?  It's the idea that this is a standard form of practice for anyone to come forward and say things true or not for a pound of someone's flesh/bank account/fame.. and become famous as a result.

I wonder how much the suing  fee is for being groped as a teenager some forty years ago.  Will it pay for a nice holiday in the Caribbean I wonder?  What price for a Bacardi and Coke and a tan eh?

Sorry for the cynicism, but this society we live in now seems to  perpetuate the idea that there is a price for everything when it is not about money.  It is about freedom of choice, liberty and happiness, and this is what Rolf Harris took from these girls.

They are saying he used his status and position to perform sexual acts on little girls, but aren't those little girls now doing exactly the same thing?....  if they get a payout and go to the tabloids that is.............  I wish you could get 'sarcasm or irony', since you would surely hear some of it should I be reading this out aloud :(

Hitting him in the pocket will not punish him at all, but a life sentence will surely punish his wife and daughter who stand alongside him in the guilty stakes forever to be started at and pointed out as the wife of Rolf Harris.

We are supposed to be a fair and equal society.  I'm getting the popcorn out now ready to watch the circus begin.

8th July..
Adding more on............  I have to say I am beginning to become more and more disillusioned with what I see and hear on the news.  I think his sentence is more than fair now given the stuff that has come out since the court case was ended.  I like to think I am a fair person, but obnviously I am not equipped to deal with things I would prefer not to think about or face up to.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Aw Hirsty... I'm gonna miss ya

Every morning as I drive my girl to work, we listen to Capital Radio's morning breakfast show, hosted by Simon Hirst, with his two sidekicks Danny and Jo-Jo.

All of them have annoying throaty Barnsley type voices.  All of them do the Barnsley thing which I cannot stand.  They push the 'Yorkshire' thing to the limit.  I hate the professional Yorkshire pushers, and can think of one or three more who are really famous, but it seems that despite their fame they can't get away from bringing Yorkshire down to it's grass roots at every blasted ruddy opportunity


The show is lively, and has a great format apart from those voices.  Jo-Jo has this awful laugh which goes on throughout the show.  We travel along and tell them to "shut the fuck up" and suchlike phrases not becoming to a lady, and when we have had enough of this tripe we go to Radio Aire because they play better music :)

Why do we always return to this show though?  Why??  I ask myself this question.  Why do I put myself through this purgatory each and every morning?  Is it the mind masher which incidentally I am very good at, and got it instantly this morning although it was too easy...........  far too easy.. you  guys are slacking.

No - I think it is the whole shebang and for some reason deep down inside of me I like it but won't admit to it.

Hirsty has gone. He's the one in the middle.  Gone.  Upped and left.  He's had a hard year - he lost his mum and his uncle and has had some sort of brain mashing epiphany, and gone.

Someone else has taken over with the two sideies...........

It ain't the same any more.  Oh they still shout and she still laughs, but Hirsty is not at the helm and now I am wondering what Danny will do without him.  I am actually worried about bloody Danny's welfare for goodness' sake.  Get a bloody life woman.

Hirsty we miss you.  We really do.  We had a great thing going and we didn't know it.


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I could not sleep last night


Stupid.  nothing to do with me personally, and everything to do with me as a member of society looking on..  everything to do with me as a woman, a mother, a sister, and auntie........

Historical sexual abuse.  Rape, kiddly fiddling, abuse of an elevated position of celebrity.

Rolf Harris.

Oh ..Dear ..God.  The photo of him as he is minus the glasses - the mug shot - disturbed me so much I could not sleep.

I don't know the facts.  I have not looked into his case other than to know that he abused a position of being an adult who is famous to obtain something he should not have got, but wanted it, so took it all the same, thinking what?  ...that his fame would be more powerful and protect him from the law?

So.  He has done wrong, and deserves to be villified.

Question is - does he deserve to pay with his life for his crimes?

Some might say yes.

What he did, and the sentence he will get will not be of a life duration, but - given his age and condition - he is 84 years old..............  what if he dies in prison?  What if another prisoner punches him or does something equally distasteful given the way the tabloids have been allowed to portray him - and he dies?

What if his poor frail wife can't cope with the strain and dies?

Do we really need to send him to jail?  Isn't it bad enough that he is  hated by society and his fame is now a brick around his neck?  he has lost his good name and when they sue for compensation he will lose everything besides that - his home - his money.  He will be left with nothing.  I think that is enough.

Would his victims want this?

That is why I could not sleep.

Broadmoor.  It seems that Broadmoor was some sort of free knocking shop for Jimmy Saville and his friends to go and have sex with the inmates who had no choice, no voice?

Who else went in there and had sex with prisoners?  More to the point who allowed it to happen?

I still say that these celebs such as Stuart Hall, Rolfy boy and the rest of them we have seen taken to task for groping and more in the seventies are only the tip of the iceberg and are the sacrificial lambs for all of the others who will walk away, peruse the grounds of their mansions and stately homes and palaces, polish their medals and get off scot free.  Their graves won't be dug up and their families will not have to suffer the shame of their deeds.

Historical crimes such as these need dealing with and no mistake, but to imprison someone so old and frail, and this must include his wife as she will suffer alongside him; isn't it enough to strip him of his CBE and anything else bestowed upon him, rather than send him to a probable death behind bars?

Twenty years ago - yes - send the bugger to jail, but not now.  Surely we are better than this???

One more thing.

These women who say their lives have been ruined by what these men did to them ...  women who have gone on to get married and have children, but still say their lives were ruined.........

When I was fifteen, something happened to me.  He was old enough to be my father, but he still did what these guys have done to girls who say their lives were ruined.  It was distasteful and frightening and invasive.  He was in a position of power, and I was a slip of a girl.  At fifteen I was still a virgin and not mature at all.

I have gone on to lead a full and happy life.  He never spoiled my life experience at all. I'm bigger and better than that to let one sad human being weild so much power over my entire existence.
He taught me that some men will be like this given the opportunity.  I do not doubt I was one in a long line of girls under his 'wing'.  I never told anyone what he did because I did not know how to tell my Catholic family that this man had tried to do things and made me feel disgusting.  I am not condoning his actions by any stretch of anyone's imagination, it simply did not occur to me that while I knew it was wrong - he was actually committing a crime !

In those days it would have been harder to do anything, and I suspect my parents would have told me to keep quiet.  I realise now that society has moved on, but to revisit what he did and get him arrested now does not sit well in my head.

I got on with it.  He did not rape me but he did other things.  I wonder how many of these other victims really were traumatised by it all, or simply attracted by the assumed payout?

Don't misunderstand - I am not on the side of these men, but there has to be more than one side to every story, and people do tell lies when they see the lure of the dollar.

All these victims of Jimmy Saville.  Some of them might never have met him in the whole of their lives.  ..ust a thought.

Another thought - how can money compensate for mental torture?  I have a problem equating money to everything in society.  It's a compensation life nowadays.  If you fall, it used to be an accident but now you can blame the bloody lot - the council for the path, the maker of the shoes you were wearing - next we will be suing The World because it owes us a living.