Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The sound of clicking heels approaching the door !

When I first started doing this I worked for an agency.  I loved getting the 'phone call telling me that I had an appointment.  A date with a stranger perhaps in his hotel room or at his home coupled with a request for lingerie, or a repeat appointment with someone I had seen maybe once before or several times.  Each scenario was good as it gave me goals to achieve.  Always happy to work, I strived to make the clients happy since their pleasure turned me on even more, and still does.

I liked finding my way there, playing my music at full blast in the car and singing along, psyching myself up I suppose; then the excitement of going into hotels, shimmying along the corridor, and  knocking on the door with a big smile on my face,  waiting for my client's reaction as he opened the door.  I enjoyed finding out what he liked, and to perhaps push his boundaries a little or a lot depending upon how much he let me or indeed how much I would allow !   At one time I thought there was nothing I would not refuse.  In a way I was a little dangerous. I enjoyed shocking you, and leaving an  lasting impression.

I have danced naked to the Rolling Stones with a client and pole-danced on a lamp standard, and acted the fool with people.  I remember  stupid stuff like one memorable evening when the guy brought cherries and we had a competition to see who could spit the stones on top the wardrobe from the bed  :  I still think about that now:)

I have turned up at men's houses naked but for a pair of heels, and as I got out of the car seeing their faces and their mouth drop open...........

As my confidence grew with the requests for repeat visits, so did my sexiness and my outrageous-ness.  The illicit sex became like an addiction.  I got off on the escapism of it all.

I was up for anything in those days.  The boss would receive a request for a girl to dominate, and she would call me and say 'you can do it', and I did !  I was sent out to the two guy appointments also because I was unafraid of any  new situation she proposed and eager to learn new skills.  I was at the top of my game back then.

Later I became indie, and the kick for me then was that men would call me because it was specifically me they wished to see and nobody else, and that invokes a powerful sexual emotion knowing someone has lusted over your photos and then wants you in the flesh.

The next part of my path was to get the flat and start with in call.
 I realised very quickly that this was a bonus for me and not a 'cage for the bird' as I first thought it might be.  Perhaps this was down to the fact that I had to change the way I worked or leave the industry altogether as my children were growing up fast and might not take kindly to seeing mum going into an hotel!
At first I thought it may restrict me in some way since I was used to the open road and liked breezing in and out of appointments; I had no idea how liberating it would be !  All these men who wanted to see me before but could not, were visiting me in my little flat and having a ball.. come to think of it so was I !

In my flat I changed as a sexual being.  It's my domain so I gently manoeuvre the time we spend  together and I can now make you comfortable where it was you doing that before.

I adore going there.  I like to make the place somewhere you would like to visit, because it is mine and I'm proud of it. The place is like an extension of my home and I love being there  so much, I sometimes go there at weekends to chill.  It's like going to stay in a lovely hotel but with a lock on the door and a key that belongs to me, plus all the other things I can provide that I could not possibly do elsewhere.

So here I am in my flat, and it is you who visits me.  You have no idea what it's going to be like, and I know it is lovely, and I  know that when you come here you will feel safe and comfortable, like I do.

It's very liberating to be able to walk around naked and talk about anything you like, don't you agree?

I have just received an email from a regular client today regarding an appointment for next week, and he said something in that email which triggered off this essay I am writing now.

He says he is looking forward to hearing the clicking sound of my heels as I aproach the door.  I have read this sort of thing before, but did not understand that a simple thing like a a noise would be such a turn on for a man, and I conclude  that I am still learning after all this time.  I've had the flat for ten years now, and I would not say it has been the best ten years of my career but it has been by far the most rewarding for me.

In this time I have learned a lot about myself.
I have a 'thing' about being in a room with the door closed.  I hate it, and I use door stops all the time wherever possible.  I have had doors removed at home and replaced them with curved arches.  However it was only when I got the flat that I recognised this part of my behaviour as being something that I do involuntarily.  If I enter a room I leave the door wide open, and if it is a door that closes by itself, I prop it open.  I like to see beyond where I am.  I feel if a door is closed I m in some way trapped.

I like to think it is my own translation of Feng Shui !  Open doors are better than closed doors and equal to an open mind?  Who knows !

None of this occured to me until I got the flat and one day, I recognised my behaviour there is the same at home, since every door in there apart from the bathroom is wedged open and I rather like the self analysis !

I have also learned that I am a crap dominatrix and an even crapper submissive.  I don't like adopting a persona to suit someone else, and so I won't so it.  I don't enjoy it so why should I?

I love role -play though...  give me a scenario and I'll run with it :)

I'm touring London mid to late September.  I have not one anything like this for about nine years, and part of me is scared to death, while the other part is looking forward to something completely different, testing out my boundaries yet again.

What a life :)

Saturday, 29 August 2015


I've been blogging for a few years.  The content of this blog is huge, and I know I  have blogged about this particular subject before, but since I can't find the article, I'm remembering it now.

Have you ever watched porn where the lady bends over and shows you everything?  Sexy isn't it?

When you watch porn, you know the ladies tend to be made up.  You don't very often see a porno where she has blemishes anywhere, but sometimes you do, and I find it most distracting when I find myself counting the amount of spots she has on her bottom, and wondering how they get there !

Lighting changes and enhances the colour of a lady's skin.  We all know they use lighting and filters in porno films, but in general when  girl bends over and you see her bum hole it is always very clean, hair-free, and a rather nice colour.  Very aesthetically pleasing :)

The reality is different.  Some girls are very brown coloured down 'there', and porn influences us even if we do not realise we are being manipulated, it is a massive influence on how men perceive attractiveness in women and their naked bodies and their brown arseholes :)  Porn has a lot to answer for !

My bum hole is not dark brown.  I always keep it spotlessly clean.  I never have spots on my arse cheeks either, but I put that down to fastidious personal cleanliness and the fact that I don't sit around on it all day.

However, a good few years ago, I decided my bum hole was not the right colour and I decided to do something about it.  I was sure it would enhance 'me' as a product:)


I started dipping my finger into bleach and just running it around the brown bit.  I did it every day.  I asked a friend to check me out and he said, it looked very nice :)

I asked him if it was working and he said he did not know, so I continued putting bloody Domestos on my bottom hole.  Can you believe I did that???  Every day a little down the toilet and a little on my rim :)

It did not hurt, but I decided it was not doing the trick.  I wanted a pink bum hole like the porno girls have.  I know they get theirs bleached so I started looking into something a little more professional than household bleach.........

I found some bleach in the chemist.  It was called 'Jolen' and here it is:-

If you look at the box it does say on it that it is for hair. Ladies use it instead of removing facial hair.  I can't understand why they don't wax or use hair removal cream. Bleaching dark hair gives you a white moustache, so to me it attracts more attention to the facial hair, but I was not buying it for hair was I?

I followed the instructions and applied it to my bottom.  It was like a paste.  After some time, I asked my long suffering friend to have a look at my bottom and he said it did seem paler. I was very happy.  Domestos was a bad idea.

I went to a social event where I told the ladies what I did and they pissed themselves laughing at me.  I remember one of them singing the Dolly Parton song 'Jolene', and they said they were going to call me that instead of my work name.................

What I had also told them was that one morning I applied the paste to my bottom and it made contact with a bit of broken skin.  The pain was unbearable.  It felt as if someone had taken a blowlamp to my bottom and I could not sit down, let alone even contemplate going to the toilet :(  and I stopped using it after that.

I never lived it down.

There are odd times when I think about reintroducing it, and then I forget.
I was reminded by this when I happened to see a lady's private bits on her AW gallery and her bottom was a very distinct brown but also so was the area around it, and her fanny was dark coloured too.

Porn makes you think that the norm is unacceptable.  Most ladies have a brown bum hole don't they??

Porn also makes you think your bum hole is very large, but mine is tight and neat, and it will be staying that way :)............  however I might have another go at going 'pink' if I can find something that won't make me jump six feet into the air when I apply it, and also won't damage my skin.  Ha !

Friday, 28 August 2015

A Tour in the offing !


I'm doin' it.  I'm actually going for it, and I can hardly believe it.  *pinches arm*

*removes chains and takes off the rubber gloves and steps gingerly away from the sink*

Amazingly I've got some time to myself in September and I have decided to grab the bull by the horns and escape to London for three days.

I'll be staying in a nice hotel which has not been determined yet and I will have limited availability for in calls so if you have been waiting to see me on tour, now's yer chance :)  That is if you have not died.........  it has been about ten years since I did anything like this !

The dates are:-

21st,  22nd and 23rd September respectively.

If you wish to see me, please get in touch.  I'm really looking forward to this.  It's such a change for me.

I'm one of those people who always puts family first.  This is why I never toured.

 Even though this is what I do, I could never get my head around leaving my family behind so I could go off and enjoy myself. Why bother having children if you don't want to be around them?

There has always been lots of work for me in Leeds and my clients are wonderful here, but they say a change is as good as a rest don't they !

And let's face it - three days is not exactly a long time.

I'm looking upon it as a busman's holiday.  Doing something I love in  a city I adore visiting.

If it works out well, I may visit again later in the year.  My availability will be limited as I am actually down there for another reason, but I will  have time to play.

I love London.    I don't get there enough.  It is an intoxicating place for us Northerners.  You could for the city of Leeds into a corner of most of the other major cities in the UK, so to travel to a big city is an exciting prospect.  Can't wait !  I've already ordered some new naughty undies :)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Here's a cryptic one especially for you ladies

I know how much you girls you like to follow my career so here's a guessing game for you.

Apart from the good looks and the ability to sing, it seems I have something else in common with Shania Twain.

I wonder what that could be girls??  Think now.

Ok..  I 'll give you a clue.


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Are you ever truly safe on the Internet?

The moment you buy anything,not matter what it may be, whether it is an item of clothing, shoes, or something from eBay, or subscriptions to some site such as a dating site or paying for a holiday.. the list is endless really.. your details are logged down somewhere and used in some way be it for data or more sinister purposes.

Look into it carefully and somewhere in the smallest of print there will be a  disclaimer saying that you gave permission for your details to be used, however they don't tell you exactly how do they?

They tell you to be careful at checkouts and ATM machines when using your pin code.  All of this goes out of the window when you read out your card details to someone anonymous over the phone to pay for anything from car insurance to a contract for a phone.

And  what about hotels?  They take your credit card details in case you leg it without paying for the minibar or room service don't they?

But what do they do with your details once you are paid up and gone?

A friend of mine had his card details used to pay for a holiday abroad.  In the end after a lot of trouble, his card was reimbursed.    Someone must have sold the card details on to someone else who used it fraudulently.

The major topic at the moment is what happened to the Ashley Madison site.  It is explained here  in more detail and to be honest reading about it all makes me tired :)

It seems that theses days you don't even have to go through the effort of flirting in the office  to have an affair !  You can have one on line... or you could....  but not anymore... not now your details have been published on line....  and you might not even have a wife anymore... or a home.. or even the shoes you are standing in............

Wouldn't it have been so much easier to come and see me?  So much less pain.........

So who is safe these days?

Even an anonymous person like me is not completely safe.  I  recently read on some fool's twitter account what they thought were personal details about me, published for all to read - except it was rubbish information  passed on by a third party.

Nothing I can do about it apart from put my thumb up to my nose and waggle my finger at the idiots.

No harm done.  No way they can hurt me, but they might have done had it been accurate or had anyone I know been able to identify me, but since it was all made up crap, I am not worried.  the inference was there though wasn't it - to hurt by posting personal details?

And the person who posted those details who is a working girl herself, wanting a political career no less, had better be careful what else she posts about me, as it will make her look even more dreadful - which she is - but it's all bad for the perfect profile innit?  You can't pretend to be  a saint when you are trash.

No -we are not safe at all.  We just have to put  trust in God my friend and rest safely in the knowledge that karma is a beautiful thing :)

Cash is also a beautiful  anonymous thing if you think about it.  I love cash, I can't get enuff of it :)  We have not really progressed at all.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Maybe I am spoiled to death

or just damned lucky?  I don't really know.  What I do know is that I love my job and I like the men who come to see me.

It starts with a nice email.  Nothing OTT, just a few words of introduction and then a request for a meet.  I know instantly which men I want to see and of the ones who I do not, I will either explain why (usually requests from men under my age limit) or block them on Adultwork.

I'm careful about the people who I allow to visit me.  I have to be for my own sense of safety and for the self esteem.  I make sure they know I am an older girl, and that I am not slim :)  Not in the least.........  but NOT fat. never.......


Anyway, there you have it.  You know that I take a lot of time and care over my clients.  The new ones are the main worry.  Will he like me, will he stay?  I want him to have fun and enjoy his time with me.  That is most important.

So when I do anything else in the world of sex, which involves a client I don't have the luxury of being able to say no.  I'll explain.............

I have been swinging again. !

I've done it before, and always at the request of a client.  So here we are, an overnight stay in a swanky hotel, and then a visit to a swingers club as a couple.  I have to please him.  He is my primary concern.  The fact that he wants to take me is flattering, but the onus is on me to make sure he has a great time.

So  Saturday is here and I've been looking forward to this all week.  I've had all sorts of things that have stopped me working this week, from visits to hospitals with a relative to looking after someone's child for a couple of days, and then my car was in the garage.......  frustrating to say the least..  but don't forget Saturday..........

I had my hair done.  It's quite long these days and I had it blow dried and then curled.  It looked amazing when it was finished.

I wore make up for the first time this summer.  My face is tanned from all of those holidays, so I normally just apply a little lipstick, but not this time oh no..  I had the full mashing as they say in Yorkshire......  foundation, blusher, false eyelashes, and eye make up. Prostitute pink lipstick finished the look.  Pure tart class :)

When it was all applied I looked like another person.  It's amazing what make up can do for you. It gives me more confidence.

Then comes the outfit.  I wore  matching bra and panties set with a little lace shawl type thing around the waist.  Top that off with a pair of killer heels, and you have a six foot plus lady with killer curves.

My client and I are almost the same height, but when I wear the heels he is mucho smaller than me.

I know he likes to show me off at these events.  I know I looked good.

The club we went to which I won't mention as it's not fair, is a tacky joint.  The clientele consisted of middle aged fat couples, and for some reason I know not what - lots of single Asian men.  The moment we went in I knew my client was disappointed.  The venue looked like a cheap brothel, and there was food laid out on a snooker table I saw the look on his face, but remained upbeat.  The music was good and I wanted to dance.

We got our drinks and sat down.  A single guy kept raising his eyebrows at me, but I ignored him. It's not about me :)  Then couples would sit opposite us and stare.  The idea is that if you fancy the other couple you will give them a sign and then maybe you can have fun.

Neither of us saw anyone we liked the cut of.  My companion looked most uncomfortable, and wanted to leave.  I was happy just watching.  I could have sat there all night showing my body and my legs off.  I was getting a real kick out of it, but he was horny and so we left for the comfort of our gorgeous hotel.  While we were outside waiting for our taxi a single male going into the club approached me and asked if he could come back to our hotel for fun.  My client said NO !

So, in the luxury of the lovely hotel room we had one or two drinks and watched some porn and had lots of horny sex .  I showed him a position I liked and we did that, and then we drifted off to sleep.

We are now looking for something more up market.  I like sleaze but I don't like having sex with 'scum class' as my client called them.  The trouble with these swingers clubs is that they are always scruffy places with low standards, and they seem to attract the kind of people I would not see when working.  My client said it was like something off the Jeremy Kyle show.  That made me smile.

Spoiled?  Privileged?  A brat?  Maybe...  probably :)

We have not given up on it yet.  Apparently there is a high class five star place in Leicester which is a hotel and swingers club combined, and according to the blurb attracts a better type of clientele which we are currently looking into :)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

What is it about Jeremy Corbyn ?

My parents are from upper middle class origins.  They were both privately educated.  My mother has an accent that would shame the Queen.  My dad is not a snob but my mother is,  and awfully so.

Both of them are true blue Tories.  They are members of the Conservative party, and when they were young were active Young Conservatives.

How could I have grown up not being anything other than a Tory?

One day I shocked my father to the core when at the table I announced I was a Communist.  He almost choked on his roast beef.

Later, I voted Tory to appease my father, but eventually I voted for the Lib Dems. When he found out he nearly blew a gasket.

I'm not like my parents.  I have always worked for one thing which sets me apart from my mother.  I can categorically state that I will never be asked to attend a garden party thrown by Her Majesty.

I am completely different to them.  I am a well brought up lady.  I know social etiquette, I know which knife to use..  I don't spit in the street.. I know the Bobby Moore :)  Some habits die hard though.. if you come round to mine and have a cup of tea, you will get exactly that - tea in a cup and saucer, and the tea will come from a teapot !  I'm like them of course, but I don't live in the same world as them, and my politics are completely the opposite, but even so, I could not bring myself to vote for the shower of shite that is the bloody Labour Party.

I wanted to vote for UKIP.  I agreed with many of the things Nigel Farage says, and I find him to be intelligent and eloquent.   He fights the slaggings off with reasoned argument.  However he could not form a government if his life depended upon it could he?  Although I do confess I admire Godfrey Bloom for the ability to make me laugh :)
Do you remember he said that women who don't clean behind their fridges are sluts?  Well I clean behind all of mine and I am still a Slut and proud to be so:)

 I wanted to show the Tories that  they are equally as bad as Labour, so I did not vote for them.  There has to be an alternative to David Cameron who is not now and never will be a man of the people.

Jeremy Corbyn might be just that !  He whets my whistle.  There is something about the man that is different to the rest of them.  I think it's because he is a proper man, comfortable in his own skin for one thing, and much like Nigel Farage actually, capable of reasoned argument without taking a pop at his enemies.  He takes their flak without resorting to insulting them back..   He's a man amongst juveniles.
An Eagle amongst  Crows ( Andy Burnham  Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall)

 Ooh  a 'Murder'  no less !

Jeremy Corbyn could be the answer.  However if the rest of them have their way, he won't be.

Have you noticed how they are all digging up the dirt to stop him from becoming the leader of the Labour party?  It seems they have now clubbed together, to 'Murder' poor old Jezzer! They must be very worried!

I know how he must be feeling.  I've been there.  I have also had my name bandied about by other jealous posters  (older women) on message forums, and they did enough to stop some prospective clients from thinking about seeing me.

I have a theory about this.  They actually did me a favour, because if you want to see a working girl and don't do it because of what other people say, then you are not worth seeing her :)

Why does the competition always try to character assassinate the person they are afraid of?  Why can't they actually show what they will do instead of  resorting to the low blow swipes at someone's personal life for instance?

When all of the hate was at it's worst somebody gave me a little plaque for my dressing table and told me to read it every time I sat there and it was along the lines of...

"The person who gets ahead, is the one who does more than necessary and keeps on doing it"

And she said it was jealousy because of my hard work and my good name as a provider that fuelled the hate which got totally out of hand, and ultimately hurt me.  How can you fight when you are one and they are many?

I feel for Jeremy.  Fancy being 'murdered' by that lot!

The difference is that we can all see the calibre of the man, and so do his haters.  They do themselves no favours by attacking him.  It's almost a form of admiration.

I'm crossing my fingers for Jeremy, and to those who are still actively trying to hurt me - I hope you are reading this and perhaps identifying yourself?  Hmmmm ???

I wonder... does blogger reach further North.  Someobody told me they can read it in Newcastle no less.  That being the case, then you are probably reading this now :)

All those phone calls and emails sent to another no hoper to put on Twitter and for what?  To stop my regulars from seing me?  You'll have to do much better than that - they already know how bad I am :)

*whispers,,,,   I'm still here*  **Sorry...  shouts  on account of the hearing aid..  I know who it is! **