Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas spirit I haven't got it yet

I'm waiting..........

I am not being deliberately 'bah humbug', but I have not got the spirit of Christmas in me yet.

This year I feel it more acutely than ever before.  I think it is possibly down to the fact that we see more and more of how 'the other half lives' on our TV screens, and the massive divide between the obscenely rich and the people who don't even have enough to eat here in our own country, that is making me feel almost as if I should not enjoy this time of year.

I'm lucky.  I can afford to buy my family members a present each.  I can afford to pay my bills.  I'm not well off by any means, but I am not poor.
I will be eating something on Christmas Day.  I will have a bed to sleep in and I will be wearing clean clothes and taking a shower. The house will be warm.

There will be homeless people in Leeds over Christmas.  There will be children who wake up on Christmas morning knowing there will not be a present for them to open.  There will be children who have more presents than they will ever need.  I hate that division of society don't you?

I went to the supermarket last night and bought some wine and a bottle or two of bubbly.  I came home and placed them in the fridge thinking that this might be the turning point - the fact that I was preparing for the holiday.  It didn't do the trick.

When I was a child it was a much simpler time.  I went to school with lots of children from Irish Catholic families.  It was quite common for there to be twelve or thirteen brothers and sisters in those families.  I remember them being very poor, badly dressed and always first in the queue for school dinners, and back for second helpings.  This was probably their only meal of the day.

I also remember that most children asked for similar things at Christmas.  The better off child might get a bike if he was lucky, but it would last him for years.  There was never the great divide that we see now and there was an awful lot less pressure on people to deliver, as we were all in the same boat.

I do not remember hearing about wars going on in the middle east or anywhere else.  Hey - I was a child, but I still can't recall anything other than the plight of children in Africa.  At school we had 'the Good Shepherd' and we raised money for the poor Africans.  That has always been going on for as long as I can ever remember.  After all of these years wouldn't you think that someone somewhere would have got it right??

They say 'Charity begins at home'.  These days the words Christmas and Charity seem to be synonymous.  The pleasure and the pain.  One advert on the TV wants you to buy excesses of everything and the next is an appeal for someone with nothing.

I've been there with nothing.  I was brought up with a coal fire in the grate, a bath once a week (On a Sunday) and four of us went into it.  I spent half my spare time in Church thanking God for my life, and do not remember feeling that I was badly done to in any way, because I did not know any different.

Yes there must have been an awful lot of evil, but you did not get to hear about it, so life was easier in some ways.

My children have always lived comfortably.  They were brought up to expect central heating for one thing :-)  They like nice things.  They like to go on lovely holidays, and they wear decent clothes. They come from a completely different world to me, and they don't feel guilty for their lives, but then they were not brought up by Irish Catholics...LOL

What will I do this Christmas?
I'll donate some money for the homeless at this time of year, to ease my conscience, and then I'll get on with the shopping and the cooking and baking just like I always do, but I can't help feeling that this year is worse than any other year simply because even now in this great day and age we have still not got it right.

Why don't we care about one another?  What's wrong with us?

Monday, 15 December 2014

TV Adverts at Christmas.................. Perfume/Aftershave and Supermarkets..............

I'm a bit sick of the 'telly' telling me what I need at Christmas, and where I should go to buy these must need items............

I know we will be inundated with adverts for toy shops - that's a 'given'.   I know we will be told about all the new fragrances on sale this year... and all the old favourites too.  Lots of women wear perfume as an everyday 'must', it's a part of their daily routine to spray the 'smelly' on , but there are millions of ladies who only wear perfume on special occasions.  Perfume is big business and Christmas must be the prime selling time.
Let's face it - it is an easy thing to buy for maximum pleasure.  A tiny bit of glamour that will sit on the dressing table all year round and remind the owner that she got it for Christmas.  She'll make it last until next year, when she hopes she'll get a replacement if she is very lucky.

These are luxuries aren't they?   Toys, perfumes, expensive electrical items etc etc..  

It's not this sort of advert I am talking about - it's the' supermarket war' with the new brand of advertisement which is there to draw you in to an ideal, and even then some of those ads are lovely - the John Lewis ad for 'Monty the Penguin'..  oh it makes me cry..........  *silly*

No..  forget the luxuries, the games, the toys, the perfume, the jewellery, and Monty of course..  I'm talking about the bladdy supermarkets flogging their tired looking tables of food.

I wonder how many people will die this year as a result of eating food from Iceland?  Can you imagine the scenario?  The man who has the heart attack, gets rushed off to Hospital and they stick him in the Iceland ward for those who are dying of excess due to eating shite?

I don't want to see one more advert for bloody Lidl, or Aldi, or God help me those cheesy ads for Morrisons which has to be the worst of  the 'Big Four'.  I would like to shoot Ant and Dec every time I see their smug faces advertising food they would not touch.

Do we really need to buy a 'fuck off gammon' or the biggest turkey we can lay out hands on only to find it barely fits into the oven?  Do we?  Do we really need luxury frozen gateau?  Chicken lollipops for Christ's sake.........

Do I really want to make curry or soup out of turkey leftovers since it was much too big and most of it is left?

No I fucking well do not !

I don't want to watch supermarket wars on my TV.  I don't want to shop in the cheap and cheerful ones just because I can buy my shit cheaper there than the other ones.  I don't want my money to go to Germany or the Netherlands.  Angela Merkel has more than enough I think.

Now Tesco has decided to scrap supplier fees.  Why?  They are getting desperate now aren't they?

You know - these giants don't care about us the customer, they don't care about their suppliers either, and they sure as hell do not give a flying crap about the farmer.

They set the bar for milk prices and if the farmer does not like it - well...  what can he do against the power of 'God'?

I am fed up of having to check the price of food when I shop because they do underhand things.  The price drops one week and is raised the next.  This is not for the benefit of the loyal customer, it's a strategy to get customers from other supermarkets in - we all know this.

I would like to see the big four drop their prices to compete with the foreign imports, and I would like to see the price of milk go up.

I'd also like world peace, but I ain't banking on any of it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Now here's a thing......

I want to say before I begin this latest rant, that I like Katie Price.  I think she is gutsy and forthright, and although she is 'in yer face', that's a part of who she is.  I know she does a massive lot of work for charity.  She's one of my favourite celebrity ladies.

However..............  she has got it wrong with her latest lover and father to two of her children, Keiran Hailer.

He's a twat of the first order.  He slept with two of her best friends and the excuse he gives is that he has issues and is/was a sex addict.  He escapes the blame but they do not.

He says  and I quote " The way they describe it in therapy is that were were basically used as prostitutes without paying for them  ..as bad as it sounds".

There are more holes in that crass statement than in a colander.

"Seeing a prostitute isn't really fun, as you pay for it, and you have it"

Clearly you have not been seeing the right ladies then :-)

Listen to this.  You do not use a prostitute.  It is a mutual thing.  First of all you seek her out, then you pay her, and then she provides a service.  If anyone is being used it is you dear, because you pay.

Secondly, a prostitute does not go looking for it, nor does she encourage a married man to chase after her, and thirdly if you had sex with a prostitute without paying for it, then she would not be a prostitute.

I really resent people like him denigrating prostitutes because they want to get back at someone by calling them  by that word as if it is the lowest of the low., in a poor effort to exonerate and distance himself from what he did

It is you Keiran who is the lowest of the low by chasing your wife's friends and having sex with them.  I'd like to bet you were the predator here and not either of those two women.

I'd like to bet that you flattered them and teased them, and then fucked them.  I'd also like to bet that they are glad they are not married to you.

If anyone was played here it was them.  They were used by you to satisfy some sexual desire, and then they were not only dumped by you, but trashed by your wife in public.  I wonder what would have happened if your wife had not found out what was going on?  I bet you would still be at it now, unless they had got bored of you.  You do look awfully thick to be honest, and not just 'there'.

I think you are a complete and utter waste of space, and if you had approached me for services, i would have the right to turn you away as I do have and exercise that right on a regular basis.

You first class twat.  You have seen fit to trash these two ladies, and probably bring about mental anguish to them and their families - their children even, causing scars that will not heal, and all because you couldn't keep it in your pants.

Male stripper eh?  Well, in my book, this makes you a sex worker just like me.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Breastfeeding in public What's your opinion on this?

I have had three babies, the first one  breastfed for 17 months with the latter months being a nighttime only feed which got him off to sleep every time.
He did not need the milk by then, he needed the comfort last thing before bed.  It was only because he started biting me and smiling as he did it that I knocked it on the head, and anyway I was pregnant with my second baby, and wanted him off the breast before that one was born.

He cried bitterly but I stood my ground.  It was hard on both of us because I regretted doing it, and he would not go off to sleep.  I had to sit by his cot for a long time before he settled down to sleep.

This was one of my biggest regrets as a mother, but 17 months was a good run for anyone :)

The second and third babies lasted only about six months on the breast and were not interested, so they both went on to bottles.  Having said this, it was better for me, because now I had three little tots, breastfeeding would have been a nightmare had we gone out anywhere, not that I did much of that anyway, but I do remember one incident when we went on the train to Settle to the steam railway, and I needed to feed the youngest who was weeks old.

I covered him up with a shawl and fed him without causing embarrassment to anyone else on the train.  The ticket collector stopped as he went past and congratulated me on doing this. I was not offending anyone.  If we ever did go out, there was always a place to go off and feed the baby quietly and peacefully, and more often than not the feeding was accompanied by a nappy change, so it made sense to feed the child in a private place

This is the thing ...........  breastfeeding is by far the best way of getting all those wonderful nutrients into your child.  It helps the immune system and is known to assist with childhood ailments, by building up antibodies..

Formula is good.  There is nothing wrong with it.  Lots more mothers feed their child in this way because they are embarrassed about breastfeeding,  especially the younger ones.  Feeding your child with a bottle means you can pass it over to your mum so you can go and get some much needed sleep.

It's not about how you feed your child.  It's about where you do it, and if you are breastfeeding, how much tit is on display for others to see... other people who have not come out to a restaurant to watch a  mother breastfeeding. It was not on their agenda.

Now there is some sort of outcry because Claridges asked a breastfeeding mum to cover the child's head with a napkin in case it offended other people in there.  I agree.

If I were in Claridges that day, I would not want to see this.  I agree with them about asking the mother to cover up with the napkin, and feel that the mother is causing a disturbance for her fifteen minutes of fame.

If you have a baby and need to go out somewhere and you need to breastfeed, do you really want all and sundry to gawp at your tit?  I know I would not and never did this.  Not only that, but it is such a personal and private time beteween mother and infant, and is a huge part of the mother/child bonding process, why would you want to have your baby feeding on show?  Isn't it much nicer to keep this private?

Show some decorum and cover up, or find the delegated place to feed and change.

 Today there is a protest outside of Claridges where mothers will openly feed their children outside.  All I cn say is they must have time on their hands to waste and won't it be bloody cold??

As an aside to this David Cameron has made a statement to the effect that he shares the view of the NHS which is that breasfeeding is completely natural and it's totally unnacceptable for any woman to be made to feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public.  Well those are the words of a man seeking votes !


Saturday, 6 December 2014

I'd Like To Explode a Myth

Which is that we are all hardened old bags only doing this job for the money, ready to rip people off, not caring about clients, and all the other stereotypes that you could think of...........

When I began working, I needed an adventure.  I had led a sheltered life before I did this.
Right from the beginning this was fun, and I also gained experience from my clients; it was not too long however, before I discovered to my surprise that some men were not quite on the same wavelength sexually or emotionally

I found out that some men were reluctant to give for one thing.
They wanted to be pleasured and give nothing back.  Now as a working girl, providing a service, this should be normal, but I did not consider myself to be a working girl at all in the early days, and some encounters left me feeling cheap, and in seeing that particular client I felt I had let myself down in some way.

Some men resent paying for sex. That came as a complete shock.
Some men who have married and then found out their respective partner does not like sex, or only seems to want sex until she has a child, turn to the working girl for relief.  I understand.  I know some men would not be seeing me at all if their  wife was willing in the bedroom, and of those men some of them are cold.  This is also fine.  If I can't cope with a cross section of people I should not be doing this job.  I say this 'job' because that is what it is, but initially it was not.  It's been a journey as they say - a learning curve even, but the curve has not always been as smooth as a baby's bum :-)

I try to get the message across on my profile that I am there to enjoy the fun as much as my client. Now and then I meet someone who perhaps should have read my profile a little more carefully and gone elsewhere.

Some clients are a little too willing and think we are in a relationship.  I never encourage people into thinking this could be more than it is.  If it's great, then they should leave satisfied and happy, not reading something into it that is not there.  After all, when they leave they pay me.

I have had clients who have stalked me.  I think they would be shocked if they thought that this is what they were doing.  I have had clients who have delved into my private life, with the excuse that they were only helping me. I do believe some of them thought I needed rescuing, but from what I ask?  A lovely life?   How patronising, and how crass, and oh how pompous.........  Maybe they just wanted a freebie :-)

It is hard to work out each and every single guy you see.  Sometimes things are going on in his head - things you have no idea about and no control over until it is too late and you have to stop seeing him.  Some clients don't like being told that you can't see them any more, and become bitter.

It's not all bad news !
I have lots of lovely regulars whom I have known for years.  When I say 'regulars'  I do not mean that they come to see me each week or even each month, but they do see me,. and they do not cross boundaries.  We may get to know one another very well, but this does not stop us from having fun. The key here is to know that when you leave, you get on with your life and forget about me completely, until the next time we meet, and then we pick up where we left off.

If you can do this, then you have worked out the secret to successful punting.

Pigeon-hole me please !

Every now and then I will see a man who pulls at my heart strings.  It might be that something devastating has happened to him that is completely out of his control.  I met such a man whose situation made my very heart ache, and the feelings I had running through my body were like an outpouring of grief .  I felt his pain even though he was stoic and seemed accepting of his situation, I felt his pain acutely.

It was one time after I had seen him that I wept, and felt the pain of his situation pour though my body, reminding me that I had felt this before, and the melancholy was almost pleasurable, cathartic even.  There are times when it is good to cry. Was I crying for him or for myself?  I can't answer that.

There are times when I think about the intimacy of my work, and wonder if it is making me slightly unhinged, and then at other times I feel so elated especially after I have had a session with a man where the chemistry between us was so powerful, and sex so astounding, and all of this from a relative stranger who walked in from the street.

If you see a working girl and she appears less than enthusiastic, it is probably down to the simple fact that she needs to retain something for herself and this is the way she protects herself from drowning in the sea of sheer human emotion.

If you see a working girl and feel you have a good rapport with her, and then she declines to see you, ask yourself if it was something you said or did?  If she is really nice, then do her and yourself a favour and move on.  We all need to keep happy in body and mind.

Yes, this is a business, but what a business it is, with clothing removed and bodies and minds meet, this is like nothing else on earth, if you do it well and get the recipe right. x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Do we really value children in this society?

Not society 'per say' but society right NOW in this day and age and time?

Last night I watched the news.  I saw that a paedophile paediatrician (God help me, when I see those two words in the same sentence and wonder if I am living in a parallell universe) had been jailed for 22 years for sexually abusing boys in his care.  His 'care'.  Abusing boys who were dying but in 'his care'.

I also noted that he had been under the radar and this should have been looked at eighteen months earlier.   I saw a police spokesman who said that they have the technology to deal with child abuse but not the manpower........  so blame the government eh?

Why does someone always see fit to pass the blame onto someone else?

I say to the police - put your own house in order before you start to talk about lack of manpower to protect the vulnerable.

Stop sending your 'officers' out in vans and cars parking up behind trees and at the end of small gaps in the hedges, to catch ordinary folks like me on their way home in the evening - folks who are not breaking the law, but have taken over an hour to crawl home on what should have been a twenty minute journey, to then get their foot down on a dual carriageway for you to catch  with a mobile speed camera.

I say to the police, what is the point behind training these officers if that is all they are going to do?

I say, get them on the job.  Let them do something useful for a change - something to justify the money we shell out for their wages.   Let them use the technology to catch paedophiles in our community, because if the police can't do it, then who should?

We do pay your wages.  We do expect you to help the public, not to fine us left right and centre for simply going about our daily business, while people like Dr. Miles Bradbury, are free to go about theirs in any way they like, because hey - 'there's no manpower but we do have the technology'.. and that's a quote.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Is it getting more difficult to book me?

I could turn that question around and ask, Is sorting out the wheat from the chaff becoming more of a daily exercise?

My punting mobile stays at my flat.  I make this quite clear on both my website and Adultwork profile.  I never take it home because if it rings, my family will hear it, and questions will be asked in the house !

If I'm at my flat and the mobile rings, I will be able to answer it but may choose not to.

Why not then?

That's easy..  if the number comes up as TW (time waster) or TW twat, or new twat, or wanker, or text pest or fool or similar, the list is hilarious !...then I won't be answering it.  If you have tried to get hold of me endlessly and I never pick up then the roblem for you to work out is have you wasted my time?
Ask yourself this - was it you who texted me endlessly asking ridiculous questions such as 'Do you like 'True Red' barbecue?..  'shall we go round to yours and eat it',   Or after having texted to see if I'm around, to go on and ask 'what sort of things do you like then'.
Or most annoyingly just a 'Hello'.  What's that all about ? If the questions to either of those is a 'yes' then you are a text pest my friend :)

I have to say at this point, that when the mobile goes and one of these names flashes up I always smile...........  and thank myself for having the savvy to record you.

If you have ever booked me and seen me before, only to forget that you have more than one email account and then re-book me using both of your email addresses and then do not show up, then you are a time wasting twat.  Not only that - you are a bloody thick one to boot !

To make it crystal clear - if I was plan 'B' ( and we are all plan 'b' at one time or another - that's a 'given' in this game)   and then much  later on make it obvious that I was plan 'b' and you would only have seen me if plan 'A' fell through......... then that is not good enough.

You are ureliable.  I have to drive to my flat for appointments.  I don't sit there all day  waiting. For one thing - if I did, I would be answering the mobile wouldn't I?  Eh???
It is inconvenient to me if someone does not show,  simply because you have taken a large chunk of my precious time  out of my day - so if that is you then 'yer barred'.  If that was  you using both email addresses and booked me for the same time and did not show - yup - I gotcha !

If I saw you and you were funny during the appointment,  (not funny ha ha)  and this category covers those people who haggle for a discount, because 'really - you should be paying me'...
 Err... I didn't go looking for you ...... unfortunately I made the mistake of allowing you in.............
Or if you treated me with indifference.. the very cheek of it !   You will never have the opportunioty to repeat that my friend :)

If you smelled beyond belief , and I am used to bad smells - my dog farts and she is evil - no the kind of smell I mean is  the  unmistakeable unadulterated stink of stale unwashed sweat even when there was an 'R' in the month ..  or the bad breath that knocks you flat when the other person opens their mouth to reveal a perfect set of slimy greens.............  then you will be down in my mobile as 'stinky twat', smelly bugger, or similar.

*stops to laugh*  *slimy greens*...........  believe it !

If you are a 'stranger to soap'.  Save yourself the bother 'Mr. Effluent'.  See someone else :)

And what about those cheapskate  bastards gents  who have short changed me in the past?.. Admittedly there are not many but they all used the same little trick and it worked...........  they exchanged twenties for tenners in the middle of the wad.  Yep.  You will be in there as well as 'thief' or summat't sort.  That means 'something' for you bladdy savvaners.  :-)

Then there are the guys who came to see me on behalf of another lady to find out what all the fuss was about.  When I first joined Adultwork I saw some of them but headed the others off at the pass. Boy was that a fun time in my life.  To all of those who did this - thank you very much - I almost retired laughing.  (Not)

These were the ones who booked me through my own email address, but going on their own personal feedback ratings seem to book every other lady they see  through AW ..........  only saw me once and then all gave the same lady sparkling feedback on AW and getting a dig in at me in the process !  Clever twat is what I call you :)  I think you are called a 'slave' in this industry.

And to the man who admitted to me that it was a fact finding mission.  thanks for the heads up x

So that's the mobile sorted then unless something else comes up !

If you want to see me and send me an email saying something along the lines of  'where are u hun and wot ur rates'.............  too much for you mate obviously.  I won't respond and will block the sender.

To the guys who ask for bareback - you are blocked

To the guys who send photos of their dick or someone else's dick, probably their dad's - yer barred.

To the guys who want to play tennis - that is - an email from him and one back from me and repeat - you are blocked also.  I think they call that a 'Grand Slam'.

To those guys who send me a fantasy email telling me they want to shove custard down my panties  in my flat...  my own flat......   Whoa........you are never going to set one foot in my door.  Go and take your custard elsewhere fool.

To those who ask for domination and send a photo of a lady trussed up.  First of all I am not a turkey, and secondly  even though I have said I don't ;like domination or submission, but you still ask anyway because it's for 'you' and you are different.  No you aren't. .......  yer barred.

So, yes - it is becoming more and more difficult to accept an appointment these days as there seem to be so many more idiots about.

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with sending a polite email outlining what you want and roughly when?

If you are one of those who have been polite and nice, and have not had a response I apologise.  I am far from perfect.  I know I do not answer all emails but that is because I lose the will to live at times.

If you are one of those whom I did not reply to - please send me another  - that is if you haven't crossed me off as a rude non responding timewasting Twat

Are you nice?  Are you polite?  Are you sexy?  Why aren't you emailing then !