Saturday, 19 April 2014

This Story is The Truth, The Whole Truth.. and Nothing But The Truth

I used to work for an agency many moons ago.  Looking back I do not know why I stayed with them for so long, because some of the jobs I was given were ridiculous to the point of ludicrous hilarity.

I was having a conversation with the boss one day.  It was very quiet, there was a distinct lack of work, and she said to me - 'if you were a blonde I could get you loads more work'. ' Why don't you get a wig?'

My brain started working overtime :)

At that time there was a good quality wig shop in the indoor market in Leeds.  I decided to do some research, and paid it a visit, and tried a few on just to see.........
.Apart from a few where I looked like a poor version of Dolly Parton, there was one which actually suited me.  It was a sort of dark Blonde and quite similar to my own hair in that it had a fringe, but it was longer than my hair which was bobbed at that time.

This wig - not unlike the one in the picture - made me look like a different person and it looked pretty good, so I bought it.  I took it into the agency office and tried it on in front of the boss who told me I looked like Myra Hindley.  The girls in the parlour all had a good laugh at my expense, and it got passed around, and tried on by them all before I disgustedly put it back in its box and buggered off home :)

The wig was put away on top of a wardrobe where I forgot it existed.  Then, one night the boss called me and said 'get that wig out, I've got a job for you in the Marriott, and he wants a blonde'.

I said I can't........  she said 'you can', and I did.

I have lots of hair.  I experimented with the wig but my hair would not allow it to sit firmly on my head, no matter what I did with it.  Eventually I used a whole packet of hair clips and managed to secure it firmly to my bonce.  Though I say it myself, I did look alright, so I got ready and drove into Leeds incognito.........  As I drove along I could feel the wig rising up my scalp and I kept holding the hair at the sides and pulling it back down.

Just as I entered the hotel lobby and made for the lift a man crossed the foyer and seconds before the lift door closed, he jumped in and stood next to me smiling.  He asked me if I was whatever daft name she had given me that night, and I said  'yes'.

He seemed really pleased with me, and the punt went well until I started giving him the blow job, then I noticed he was staring at me in a peculiar way. I thought I had blown it - the punt not his willly - and got hold of the hair and pulled the wig hard down onto my head.  Some of the clips had worked loose as well.

This was not one of my better punts.  He was a bit weird, and had asked the boss if he could pay by cheque which she had agreed to, so when the fun was over he wrote the cheque and ushered me out.  Before I left I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

What the fuck.............  I had only put the wig on over my ears.  Now I realised why it did not fit :)  And now the penny dropped and  I realised why he was staring so much and wanted rid of me..........  he thought I was an alien.

And to put the tin hat on it - the bloody cheque bounced as well.

Next time the wig was aired, my daughter wore it to an 'Abba' disco at school, and that was the last time anyone used it.

When I think back I can hardly believe some of the stupid things I have done - all in the worst possible taste of course, and the frantic pursuit of extra marital sex :)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Prostitution and Racial Discrimination

Loads of arguments from people within the sex industry on this one !

If a girl refuses to see a man and he just happens to be not white, some people say this is discrimination.

If a girl justifies herself by explaining why she will not see men from a particular race, she is deemed a racist by some and supported by others, and in justifying herself she leaves herself wide open for the antagonists out there who would argue about anything.

What we do is so personal - I cannot think of any other job where people get so personal - surely we should be allowed to say who we will and will not see without being called an 'ist'.

I prefer to say I have a choice.  It's a much better word than saying I discriminate.

Do I discriminate then?

Well, actually, yes I do, but you decide...............

I will not see someone no matter what colour his skin is or what culture he comes from or what religion he is -  if he has not had a wash that week.

I will not see someone who I have seen before  knowing he was rude to me in some way, or short changed me, or if he smelled bad, or if his breath was vomit inducing.

His ethnicity has nothing to do with it.  If however he just happened to be black and had not had a wash, then tough.  I find the worst offenders for poor hygiene are whites anyway.

Just because I am a prostitute does not mean I have to accept everything that is thrown my way.  Being a prostitute does not mean I am not fit to be allowed to make choices in life.  Some people might think I am 'scum'.  Thank goodness they don't figure to me.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Here's one person who will not be watching The Grand National today.

Nothing Grand about it in my view.  Sorry folks if you are having a 'flutter' today and fingers crossed that your each way bet will bring you back at least what you paid for your stake, and if it's the winner then there will be a good drink in it for everybody................

Here's hoping that no horses have to die on one of the unforgiving jumps designed to trick the horse because of the drop at the other side.

Four fatalities at the Cheltenham Festival recently  and for what?  Thrills and spills.

I am not a killjoy.  Anyone who has met me knows what I am like, but I hate injustice.  I abhor the thought of some beautiful animal having to be shot today because it failed at one of those cruel jumps.

I wonder about human nature at times.  This is a prime example of human cruelty drummed out year after year and little done about it.  Yes I know they did some work on Beechers' this year/last year, but if just
 one horse dies today as this apalling excuse for fun then they need to rethink and do it properly.


I'm not a farmer, I'm not a politician, but I do have an opinion on the culling of badgers and I'll bet you know what it is :)

Princess Anne has now waded in with her opinion on this subject and said that gassing badgers is the best way to get rid of them.

Humane groups say that gassing the badgers with cyanide is the cruellest way of getting rid of them.

Will getting rid of badgers completely get rid of Bovine TB I wonder?

Where did it come from in the first place?  Badgers?  I don't think so.

They said that when they shot and killed those badgers last year that they mainly shot diseased animals.  It was proven that about 1.7% of those animals were in fact ill.

It has also been said that Bovine TB is a direct result of poor farming.

Why always blame the badger?  Because farmers say its badgers that cause their cattle to have TB?

I would rather have concrete proof.

According to the RSPCA here are some facts which may surprise you !

Problems such as mastitis and lameness in cattle are much bigger welfare issues resulting in suffering in much larger numbers of cattle.  They don't tell us this on the news do they?

According to the RSPCA Bovine TB is spread from cattle to cattle and it is much more significant especially since cattle are transported all over the country.

An analysis of Badgers killed in road accidents over seven counties in three years showed that even in the parts of the country worst affected by TB, most Badgers tested negative for the disease.

There are about 20 species of animal including deer that can carry TB besides Badgers and cattle.

The results from a recent trial of Badgers that had been culled showed that 88% of them were Bovine TB free.

I could give you more facts, but you can read it all for yourself if you can be bothered to take your head out of your arse and put the gun down.............  on the RSPCA fact sheet.  I say fact sheet and not hearsay sheet.

So what can be done to stop the spread of Bovine TB?

Testing of cattle before and after they are moved around the country for one..........

Less movement of cattle around the country (the PSPCA has been calling for this for years)
Quarantining new stock brought onto farms.

Lets look at ways of tackling this issue before we start looking at ways of destroying an animal which is not cute and cuddly but does have every bit as much right to be allowed to exist as all the other furry animals that are not being blamed for this, and get something right.

The issue here is not about culling Badgers, it is about stemming the spread of a disease which affects us all.


Saturday, 29 March 2014

I'd like to take a minute to discuss the on-line forums 'we' as sex workers and punters participate in (well.. some of us do!)

I have talked about forums before but the post has been archived, and anyway time moves on, new people and new forums emerge; some good and some bad as in all aspects of life, so here goes.

I post on one forum only, but I am able to read other forums.  It is through reading other forums that I make my decision where to have my identity as an on-line poster within the sex industry.

The forum I post on encourages both parties to post and welcomes ladies as a part of the posting community, so that is good enough for me.

You get all sorts of folk on these forums.  You may not like the posting style of your community members, but that does not mean you have to dislike them as a person, and that is where a lot of people go wrong.

People seem to think if you disagree with them, that you do not like them.

When things get hot on any forum, best thing to do is take a break.  A while back every post I made was answered mostly in the negative by one other person who seemed to live on the board and answer every new thread that was created - thus dominating the board.
I could not cope with the barrage of this one person's constant 'yapping at my heels', so I took a break for a couple of months.  I was so pissed off that I did not even visit the board to read.

What this person did was to negate debate for me [personally, and debate is what I love to do.  Some people seem incapable of having conversation - all they want to do is hammer home their own one sided view of something and that is completely dreadful !

Having said that - we are all so very different, and that is what makes forum talk lively and interesting. I can be over-sensitive at times and the person to whom I am referring is not like me, so there are no rights and wrongs really.

I also  find that people dive in on a subject that interests them even though they have little life experience on  that particular subject matter, and so their view means little to me and I want to correct them or tell them to shut the fuck up, but I do not.

There are some things you can talk about but other subjects are best steered clear of especially if the subject matter is emotive because for every view you may have there will be ten others who have an entirely different view.

This is where respect for fellow posters comes in, and when there is little or none, then I take a break...

Of course if I know something for sure and can back up my argument with facts - then I will say my bit...  and then I leave it.

I am not a forum bully.  I dislike them intensely.  Most of them do not even know they are bullies which is a shame..  but I am not a meek little lamb either...............


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Oh my goodness, haven't we become picky over food?

When I was a child, money was in short supply for most people.
We did not have packets of Kit Kats or Club Orange biscuits in a special tin in our home.  They were an occasional treat.  We did not have six-packs of crisps either.  We got one pack on a Sunday morning which my dad had bought in the pub the night before - either crisps or a small bag of nuts.

For Sunday lunch we had a bottle of pop which was shared between six of us, and I can remember ducking down to eye level with the table top to check that the pop was shared out equally :)

In our fridge was very little food.  There would be eggs and milk and butter. There would be lots of space for left overs in dishes. When I say left overs - I mean the joint from the Sunday lunch which would be served up cold (YUK) on Monday for tea with chips, and any mashed potato which would be used for 'bubble and squeak with left over cabbage etc.

In the salad tray there would be lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber only.

On a Saturday for tea we would have salad with bread and butter and boiled potatoes.  The piece de resistance would be a single tin of salmon, between six of us or a tin of ham which my father would carve like it was a prize piece of beef

Food was not left hanging around for long in the fridge.  It got eaten within a day or two.  Nothing went 'off'.  There was no time for any food to go off in our house.  There was only just enough to eat.

Nowadays...  pfft !  My fridge is full.  I actually have two fridges in my kitchen where everything in stored including jars of jam etc which have been opened.

When my children go to get something to eat, they check the sell-by dates as if their lives depend upon it, and if one thing is out of date by one day even - it gets chucked.

I find even the thought of throwing good food away because of sell-by-dates, to be an alien and criminal concept:)

I always check to see if food is okay before I cook with it.  My children do not trust me at all.  they always ask 'is it fresh' and I get annoyed :)

*thinks it's high time they buggered off to their own sell by date homes*

Today was the last straw for me, and I'll tell you why.

Every week I go to a place where I buy fresh eggs, and I re-cycle the boxes, putting the new eggs in and then placing them into the fridge.  This weekend I bought a dozen large free range eggs and put them in the fridge.

I found them in the bin.  They had been thrown away because some anal dick head  (darling child) had checked the dates on the boxes.

I am giving up food for good.  Lent be buggered :)

Maybe I am past my own sell-by date, and if you ask my children they will most probably agree :)

I started this blog as a sort of diary for me, but since it is in the public domain...........

..........then I obviously temper the posts because you my friend are reading this :)

When I am out walking my dogs, an idea may come into my head, and I think - I'll blog that.  Then I come home and forget what I was thinking about, so it can't have been quite as ground breaking as I initially thought or I would have remembered at least some of it wouldn't I?

Sometimes the thoughts are about home and family. Now, if you are an old reader of this blog, you will know that there was a time when I told you everything - the good bits and the bad, and that was for a reason.

I wanted you the reader whether you be a punter who has found the blog through my website or just a random 'someone out there' who enjoys blogging and reading other blogs, to understand me and to get to know that although I am a bad girl - I am actually just the same as you, and live a normal life outside of this fantasy.

I wanted people to know that I do what I do freely, and that I enjoy it, and that I can still be someone's mum or friend and be trusted and relied upon to do the right thing even though I do this...............

I like to read other folks thoughts and to my huge relief have found that other bloggers welcome my comments on their posts and do not discriminate on the grounds that I am a filthy dirty prostitute.  You see - I might fuck men for a living but I don't target them, and certainly I do not vet my clients as to their marital; status..LOL

One day this week I met someone new and he was lovely.  We talked a little and he told me that he was not sure if I really enjoyed this -implying it might be a damn good act :)

It was a fair question since I do not enjoy all of my clients, then the easy answer to this is - try to see me again.  If I refuse, it could well be that I did not enjoy :)

That was a poke at him - only a bit of fun.

How on earth would a man know his lady of choice was not pimped or unhappy?  I would say the true test of this is the longevity test.  I know some ladies do this for a short while, and some dip in and out, and the reasons for the actions are varied - possibly economics.   I would not know, is the truth.  Speaking for myself only,  I have been around for over ten years and still enjoy the work, or I would have been gone out of it ages ago.

At the end of the day, if the client did not enjoy me and my company, he would not come back and I would be out of a job. For there to be a supply, there has to be a demand.  To create that demand you have to be doing something right don't you?

What do I know - I'm only a prostitute :)