Monday, 24 November 2014

I'm a girl with two homes

Lucky or what?  I have to keep pinching myself !

I have a house where I live with my family - and they all still live at home albeit on and off.......... they all still have a bedroom here and I do a mountain of washing and the bloody ironing as well every week.
I'm old fashioned in that I change the beds every week too so that means the washing of the sheets, and I don't own a tumble drier (can afford to buy one but not the bills it incurs).........

My home is full of people and of course our pets ....of which there is an abundance.
It's clean, but messy and the carpets suffer with the doggie feet coming in and out constantly.  This weekend we have been having family celebrations and so the kitchen this morning was somewhere I made a cup of tea in and did not hang around.  I'm not mentally ready to begin the clean up yet :)

It's a typical, normal (I hope) family house.  We live here and boy do we live hard !

I would love it to be perfect but I have to accept it won't be like that until the day they have all gone, and by then it will be too big for me, and I'll downsize anyway, so messy it is, and messy is what I have to accept until the day I leave.

My home is a far cry from my other home - my flat.

I remember a favourite client saying to me when I bought it - don't put anything personal in it.  Keep it clean and sparce - a workplace..

Ha!  I failed on that one I can tell ya!

I made a vow to myself that the flat would be a food free zone and I have stuck to that rule.  The fridge is only used for drinks with the odd exception here and there - hey!  I'm not perfect :)

The kitchen is pristine and clean at all times.  I have fairy lights in there and candles, and some dinky ornaments as well as the kettle.  The bathroom is always clean, and the bedroom is cosy and pretty unlike my own bedroom at home which is not but does have the luxury of a telly with Netflix......

The sitting room in the flat is the cosiest of all.  The sofa is a dog free zone and is comfy.  I have things around me which I like, and when I sit in there I feel like a different person to the one I am at home.  I can go along with this - I am a Gemini after all.

At home I have to behave like a mum, and in the flat I can do whatever I want to.  I walk around naked and I do my ironing from home there.  Sometimes I watch porn on the TV as I do the ironing.  I don't think I could do that at home do you !

The flat is my bolt hole, it's my saviour, and strangely I think it is what keeps me sane.

We all need a little time to ourselves - even if it is just our own private and personal thoughts, but it's nicer to have some place to go where you can kick off your shoes and relax.

I relax when I go out walking, but it's not quite the same sort of mental haven as the flat.

Smug then?  Maybe a little, but lucky is a better word.  In fact bloody lucky is more apt I should say :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lies, untruths, made up rubbish, and then somewhere in the middle all of this

...there might be some truth, but you will  have to make up your own mind.............

Everyone in life who has something to sell, has some form of agenda.  I think this is a fair statement to make..  Whether the 'thing' they  are selling you is an idea, or a product..or the person themself.. it has to be made attractive to you the buyer/consumer, and there are those who don't exactly tell the whole truth.............  :)

I'll give you an example of an agenda of the selling sort.

"I am a sexy voluptuous escort".
Okay, lets read and take this comment apart. The reality here could be that the sexy bit is not for the woman , but her clients to say ?  No?
And the voluptuous bit...  what if that actually translates as 'fat' ? eh??   As for the rest of the statement - well this means she is a prostitute.

So, you could say she is a fat prostitute.

The fat prostitute selling her arse would not say that though would she, or she would never get a client, unless they were actually looking for a fat prostitute.
You have to make yourself seem desirable even if you know you were not.  This is business and who ever said that business was not cut throat, and.
Marketing is what gets the punter in through the door.  Once he is through that door you may well be sexy.. who knows.

The sex industry is full of lies.  The Internet allows you to write anything, and when a lady writes her own profile, she can make you believe things that are simply not true, and who is there to say she is a liar?

Selling sex is like selling fresh air.  You can make anything up and there will always be some mug willing to believe it, and breathe it in.

Those people who seek to promote the sex industry and would have you believe what they say is correct have an agenda. They could write the truth, but the truth is obviously not enough to convince if you read on..............

Here is one lot of rubbish I came across today.


Click on it and read.  It's interesting, and some parts of it are spot on, but only some parts.  Let's face it -  the people who wrote this have an agenda too don't they?

They have the same scheme as those who would have the entire sex industry abolished and made against the law.

Nobody wants to meet the other side in the middle and come to a reasonable agreement because there is too much to lose on both sides.

I'll go through those nine statements and tell what my take on them is..

I..Sex work is not real work.

Some sex workers like the person who wrote that piece and myself  and others are professional in that they adopt a positive attitude to their work.  They take it seriously.  They don't lie on their profiles, they don't have photoshop in their galleries, and they say they take the welfare of their client seriously.

How many people don't lie then?  Take the above statement again..   "I am a sexy voluptuous escort".

Look at some of the galleries, and decide for yourself.  Look at the amount of ladies who only show their boobs and not their stomachs and their fat legs.  They don't show you that because you would know they were fat.  They choose to use the word 'voluputoous' instead, and only show you a portion of their body, generally squashed up in something they can't breathe is :)

How can you believe what they say when it's clear they lie about the most important things???

Some sex workers don't give a crap about their clients.  Some girls don't speak, some want to get you in and out as quickly as possible.  Some girls are not even the same person as in the photos, and some girls are reluctant to work because they are made to by some pimp.

You can't make a broad statement like that and only use yourself as the example to set the bar.

2.  Sex workers need to be rescued

Okay..  not all people in the sex industry are sex workers.  Not all of them wish to do this.  Some of them have been trafficked, and forced to do this by someone else.  Some of them have been brought here with the promise of a waitressing job or similar, only to find they have to have sex with lots of men in order to pay off their pimp for their passport.

No I don't need to be rescued, but these people clearly do.

It's no good turning a blind eye just because you have it good.  There are others who live in misery who desperately need to be rescued.

3.  Most sex workers are victims of human trafficking

Of course they aren't.  There are many people who choose this line of work.  Some are trafficked, some are pimped, and some choose to do it because they need to pay for drugs, and some choose to do it because it is easy money and  none of the above care about their clients, and then there are people like me who do.

This statement is used by both the pros and the antis to make you think someone said it in the first place, but that is nonsense.

Arguments like this are weak and misleading and do not help anyone.

4 .Most sex workers have pimps

More hysteria.  I would say that a heck of a lot do but there are some of us whose only pimp is HMRCS.

5.All sex workers are women

I would love to know where they got this claptrap from !  What a poorly written article.  This is a prime example of someone with a weak argument inventing statements that nobody actually made

6 Supporting the decriminalisation of sex work is anti feminist

This is a matter for individuals to decide.  I do not think that legalising the sex trade here will ever happen.  I think that by decriminalising it will make the sex trafficking and the abuse something much mote difficult to stop.  That's only my opinion, but I am a sex worker and entitled to say what I think, since I am an honest one and don't lie in my profile.

I wonder how many others who do support this argument do?

7.Sex work is always a job of last resort

Another broad sweeping load of  bullshit.  Some women do use it as a last resort, and some don't.  Who said this for them to say it's not?

8.Sex workers spread sexually transmitted diseases to the general public

Some of them do and some of them don't.  Stop talking rubbish to get support.  Lots of ladies offer bareback sex these days, you only have to go onto Adultwork to see that, and lots of ladies give it to their regulars while saying they never do................  :)

9. Nobody that you know is a sex worker

I would love to know where they got that one from.  Straight out of a story book.

You see.....  it's the  person who writes tripe like this who make it worse for any level of understanding.

Listen dearie, when I go home from work and get on with my life I am not a sex worker.  I'm only one when I'm actually working.  If I pass another sex worker in the supermarket, then she isn't one either unless she is shagging someone in one of the aisles.

Hysteria never works.  It just makes you look desperate.  If you don't belive me, take a look at some of our politicians :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Are You a Hare or a Tortoise?

...By nature or design?

I am Hare for my sins.  I rush about and get little done, but feel exhausted in the doing of it and at the end wonder what all of that effort was about !

I could not be a plodder.  It's just not in my nature to be like this.  I'm not good at keeping my own counsel either.  I like to be forthright and honest, but not hurtful.  I'll say it like it is but I'll temper my words.  I don't watch something happening and sit by and say nothing and then when it has all gone wrong then say I knew that would happen.

I'm not like this in my own world as a working girl.  I don't like the liars and the cheats and those who pretend to be saints for the cause either.  If something happens to another girl, I will be there giving public support.  I won't sit on the sidelines watching as somebody flounders, seeing the attacks on the internet and not stepping up to the mark in case they come in for the flak as well.

I'm not keen on people who are like that.  I find them to be smug and self serving...  a bit like Bob Geldof.  He's a smug one isn't he?

I won't be tempering my words now because I feel angry with Saint Bob.

I watched him touting his latest fund raising effort on TV last night, and found the sight and sound of the man nauseating.

He actually said he was going to stop Ebola !  So - he's God now is he?

In November 1984 They released 'Do they know it's Christmas' as a charity single for famine in Africa.  It raised $14million.
On 13th July 1985, I watched 'Live Aid.  At that time I was a student doing a piece work job in a factory and I saw this man going mad on the TV.  I was amazed at his behaviour and couldn't wait to help.
I was so moved I donated most of my wage that week.  £100 in fact.  This was a massive contribution and I was so proud of myself, feeling that I was a part of this groundbreaking effort to stop starvation in Africa.
This was a massive effort, and with the involvement of America there was about £30Million raised.

I would like to ask Bob where my money went to exactly?  It sure as hell didn't go to the starving in Africa, I can say that with conviction.  I donated that money and was glad to do so.  So come on Bob, what went wrong then?  Where did it go?  Where did all of the money go?  There should have been a public account of what that money was spent on as the public donated it !

I think in light of his ;latest fund raising effort by reusing an old song and asking us once again to empty our pockets, I now want to know exactly what he did with all the other money.   I think that is a fair question don't you?

 Only a small portion of that money went on projects to help those poor people.  Most of it was misused.  Lots of it went to buy guns, and there were still people strarving months and years later.  They are starving again now, but to add to that they are riddled with Aids and Ebola.

I wonder why he thinks he should be fronting another fund raiser when the funds he raised the last time were not used for the purpose?

I would also like to ask him why he still takes royalties from the Band Aid record Do they know it's Christmas?   I did not know he was doing that.

Isn't it all awfully wrong?

Why should I listen to a wrong'un asking for my money?  Why should he be allowed to do this?  Why can't the man stay out of the limelight?  Couldn't he have asked someone else to front this and stay in the wings.  Couldn't he have had a wash and combed his hair at least?

Go away Bob Geldof I dislike you intensely. I dislike your mentality, your attitude to life, and your ego.  I would rather give my money to projects at home here in the UK.  Cancer research, Altzheimer's and to the homeless here.  There will be young people on the streets at Christmas, Bob.  Would it be a nice gesture to give some of your millions to a homeless person at Christmas because they really do know it's Christmas.

Yes, I'm a Hare.  Bob Geldof is true to his nature, he is and always has been a Rat

Friday, 14 November 2014

Katie Hopkins. Love her or hate her?

She's rather controversial isn't she?  If you don't know who this person is, then Google her !  You will find that she is someone who says what we all think but don't dare to air our views ! !

Most of the time I have to say that I agree with her opinions.  Some of the time I agree but think she goes too far with her comments. but then again I talk to people who are fed up of this country being taken for granted by people who come from other countries and wish to live here and claim benefits.

I think this is the stance most people have these days, but they are too frightened to speak out in case they are called racists.

Don't you think we are all racist in some way or another.. the world over?
There are various definitions of 'Racism' and the most popular seems to be that a racist thinks he is better (superior) than people from other races  by definition of creed or colour......  I think that is over egging the pudding
Racism is another word for nationalism or patriotism...  it just sounds worse is all...  and other people from other countries are equally as racist because we all have this sense of what is mine and what is yours........  it's just the ones who come to live here who think they own the place that get my goat :-)

I mean...  how can you own anything when you rely on state handouts?


For the record, I do not believe that anyone owns the land they live in simply because they were born there.  That is rubbish.  As time goes on, and the world  becomes smaller and a lot more volatile, people will move away from a troublesome place in favour of a place where they can live without fear and have some peace in their lives.

If this country became unsafe for me to raise my children I would think about leaving also, so I do not blame anyone for wanting to come here.  Indeed I welcome new people into my life, and have brought my children up to be like this.

There is no racism in my family, nor am I jingoistic or any of the other negative descriptions you could think of, but...  there are certain traditions I uphold and will not concede to anyone who comes to live in the place I was born in and after a time thinks he can put his traditions from his country of his origin over the ones I hold dear, and demand I stop wearing my poppy as one example.

We should all be able to practise what makes us happy provided it does not encroach upon someone else's life.

Yes.. there are some things that I get annoyed about - such as seeing really obese people going into Maccy Dees and that is before they have even ordered  a meal big enough to feed Australia and then wonder why they can't fit on an aeroplane seat and kick off when they need two seats and only want to pay for one :)  *inhales*

And don't get me started on Diabetes............

Y'know.. that sorta thing.............

There are other far more sinister practices I object to.......... such as the wearing of religious garb as an everyday item.

I object to those ladies who wear the full  religious head to toe with a slit for the eyes garb when they are out shopping.  (I call it the Dalek) I find them offensive and frightening.  This is something I personally resent.  I find it disturbing, and so this does encroach upon my comfort and security.

To be honest.. I think anyone who feels the need to wear something that defines him religiously  makes him separate him from the rest of us, and I wonder why these people feel the need to display their religious beliefs in a shopping mall or any where else for that matter.

It is not the wearing of the threads - it's the intent behind the wearing of them and the contempt for those of us who don't feel the need to make a public display of our private beliefs.

How can you possibly live alongside people with whom you do not wish to integrate ?  Why be here if you feel like this?

I don't wear my XXXX coat...  Why would I want you to know what my faith is when it is nothing to do with you or anyone else?

 If you feel the need to don a silly hat then to me you are being passively aggressive, and the religious part of it is merely an excuse, for something more hostile.

Put it all on when you are off to your church (by any other name)  when you are actually going to worship, and then go home, take it off and wear something else when you are not.

If you feel you can't live without wearing your silly hat, then keep it on and live somewhere else. Take your religious anger with you and inflict it on another country.......... oh.. I fogot.  Other countries don't pay benefits to immigrants......................   silly me.

Here in good old Blighty we accept everything in case we get called racist.
The problem here is that we accept so much that, we are slowly, being swallowed up, by other cultures and their demands for religious identity, so much that we are beginning to lose our  own identity as a nation in the process, which in itself is not so much of a problem .  It's the allowing of  others to tell us they will do what the hell they like whether or not we happen to approve.

We have no say any more.  We dare not have opnions !  That is where this woman steps in with her size nines and says it like we would like to......

Katie Hopkins is a person who stands up for what she thinks is right, and I admire her for it, but she is dreadful !

And I'm glad Scotland is still a part of the Union.  To cut away would have been another nail in this collective nation's coffin.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Punting - do you have a set of rules for it?

I suppose it depends on your attitude to the  'hobby' if you have any sort of guideline that you stick to

Here's mine :_

Have a wash even if there is an R in the month

Do not steal from wallets

Don't keep watches to sell on eBay after a suitable time lapse

Don't call the younger ones 'son'.......

Stop polishing the hall floor with Mr.Sheen - or the shower...  remember you don't have public liability insurance.

Don't have hidden spy cameras in 'the room'

Don't open the door as the client approaches and drag him in.. it is unnerving.

Remember to remove the gimp-mask when leaving the flat


Advertise as  truthfully as possible without putting in any personal info obviously

Be as discreet as I can so I do not compromise the safety, privacy and security of either myself or my client.  Notice I put myself first here, of course I bloody well do :)

Give as good a service to my client as I possibly can each and every time - even to those who I will not ever see again, and bearing in mind that we are as a species from completely different planets when it comes to the genders and then throw sex into the mix :)

Try to work with integrity.  This is difficult.  If I am seeing a client and do not feel the appointment is going well, should I cut it short?  This would depend on how far we have gone.  If we have already begun with the very personal stuff then it's a no, but if we have not and I don't feel comfortable on either their behalf or mine, then I would ask them if they are happy to go ahead.

One of the reasons I don't have a menu of sorts is because I may not want to do certain things with some clients.  This might be down to personal hygiene or attitude, or my own discomfort,  so no menu for me.

Have limits.  The age limit is for my comfort and for your embarrassment. Other limits may apply - allow for circumstances which may crop up, and be true to myself.
I might add to this.  I think it's important to be honest and fair with clients.  I want the nice ones to come back after all !

A bit fed up this morning

I like to think that I am a kind caring and compassionate person. .
I can make cruel jokes but they are only spoken humour and not meant to hurt anyone.
I try to live my life in an ethical and moral way, I always try to do what I feel is 'the right thing' but don't you find that it is difficult to have ethics when all around you is madness, especially those of us with small children?

When you talk to old people about current affairs they always seem to say the same phrase which amounts to something along the lines of 'I'm just glad I won't be around to see this'.

I have been at home this morning, making cups of tea, and eating toast, looking around on the Internet and watching the TV.

Several things I have read have chilled me to the bone.  These and other more trivial  things have made me think about the TV programmes I watch which means I physically support them, and that does not sit well in my head.

On Saturday nights, I am invariably 'at home' watching the TV.  So if I watch 'Strictly' I am supporting a programme that dictates to it's professionals, and if they do not toe the line they are vilified or sacked.  Rumours of infidelity are deliberately manufactured to keep up the hysteria, and of course the viewing figures.

If you watch on the other side and God help me I try not to, we are treated to the delectable sight of 'Mr. Lobotoxomy'  Simon Cowell and his little band of helpers, manipulating the lives of wannabee pop stars, rubbishing talent where they have none to compare with.  The likes of Cheryl Cole who simply can't sing to save her own life, miming her latest dreadful offering, while the other two gush over people they know are going to be booted off the show in favour of some 'wild card' who can't sing at all, and we are supposed to buy into this???

They call themselves 'mentors'.  Words fail me .......

We live in a world now where everything appears to be about appearance.  Large breed dogs are in danger of extinction since everyone wants designer dogs.  The reality of this is that when those designer dogs grow and don't fit into the handbag, they are rejected for a new puppy that will.

The daytime TV shows have these competitions you would be a fool to not enter into.  For a call costing a small fortune you could win thousands of pounds - just in time for a wonderful Christmas.....

Wouldn't it be much nicer to hand that money over to a charity for the homeless at this time of year?

We are about to have the new' Celebrity in the Jungle'  get me out of here.........  on our screens  and the latest lot of animal cruelty shoved down our throats by the hapless duo 'Ant and bloody Dec'.

Isn't it time we had something of quality to watch?   Is this the sort of programme people really want?  It seems to me that we are told and spoon fed what we 'want',  when we really have no clue since there is nothing decent or of any real value to compare this 'trash telly' with.

Then as I browse, I come across another case of child cruelty.  Once again it seems to be the mother's boyfriend who is the murderer of a two year old baby, and I wonder what makes a person behave like this?

Is this another acceptable trend I wonder?  Drug and drink fuelled unbelievable - unacceptable violence.  Another sad case that will be forgotten once the next one presents itself, and these people..  kept at her Majesty's pleasure until they are released with another name in another town?

Shouldn't they actually be put to death ?  The murder of innocents.. isn't this the worst crime ever?  What possible use are these people in today's society?

Shouldn't something be done about people who lie and manipulate and inflict their will over others whether that be on our TV screens, on our streets or behind closed doors hurting and killing children?

What a weird thing our view of 'society' has become.   And what power does TV weild ?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Do You Wear Your Poppy With Pride?

It seems to me that these days there is not an awful lot to be proud of - being British means what?

We have been swallowed up by the massive influx of other races in this little Island, and our identity which was always low key is now getting lost.  I am not complaining about this at all.  The world is getting smaller all of the time and nobody owns it do they?

If you go abroad though.. you notice straight away, that  there is a marked difference between us Brits and other nationalities.  They seem to keep their traditions and uphold them proudly because these things are their identity, where ours is in what?

I am one child from a large family.  My parents married later than most people at that time.  They were both in their thirties.  My dad lived a happy go lucky life as a child being the only one in a relatively affluent household.  He went to private school, but when the war came everyone was poor.

My grandmother told me the story of how my dad signed up many times.  He used to have an allotment and he kept pigs.  One day, he and a friend were driving a pig up the hill when an old man came out of his house and asked him what a lad like he was doing that for when he should have been fighting for King and country?

On his eighteenth birthday he signed up.  He did not tell my grandparents what he was about to do, nor did he ask their permission because he was old enough to make his own mind up. Those words must have struck hard that day.  He had been made to feel ashamed by that old  man and he did what he thought was right.  In those days we did have a sense of national pride - of King and Country.  It was universally felt by everyone.

Shortly before his nineteenth birthday he was badly injured and lost a limb.  He joined the ranks of  many thousands of men who were discharged from the army and left to get on with life.  Those men fought and fell for us so that we would be free.  What are the words to Rule Britannia?  "Britons never never never shall be slaves"

So I wear my poppy with pride and gratitude.
I wear it for my dad, but I also wear it to show that I do have a choice in life, and no matter what anyone else says, I will do as I please and I can do this because of people like my dad who fought and fell, and the others who died so we can be free.  Did they die in vain then?  Should they be forgotten?

The Royal British Legion supports the families of soldiers who are injured and deserve our help.  I support this charity wholeheartedly, and wish we valued our armed forces in the same way other nations seem to.

To those who choose not to wear their poppy, I say - Good for you - you also have that choice, but  please do remember why you have it.