Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The dreaded smear test

Oh boy.............  how I hate it.

When they send me the letter to attend the surgery for the smear test I read it and then put it to one side.  I then manage to 'bury' it with other mail  by shoving it in a sort of ignore/'to do' pile and merrily get along with my life.

They send me a reminder after a while and I ignore that too.  Why?  It's important, it's my health, my life, my well being and I choose to ignore something so crucial to all of that?

I hate being fiddled with. ...  down there :) I also have a fear of what they may find.

I've had three children.  I've made them in the first place which involved a lot of being 'fiddled with' down there but that was in a nice way..............

I've known my family doctor for years and feel completely relaxed with him.  When he examines me it is intrusive and a little embarrassing but not overly so The smear test is not about anything other than the fear of the big 'C', and I shy away from having it done, putting the inevitable off for as long as possible.

This time, I went to see the doctor for something else having forgotten about the letters they sent, and he asked me why I haven't had it done, and that I must make an appointment now.

I had the test done recently and this morning I got the all clear note from the doctor.

A friend has not been so lucky.  She went for her test - on time and they discovered some bad cells on her cervix.  Next she went for a biopsy where they take a tiny bit of the cervix to have a better look, and now she has been for another procedure in hospital, and been told she has nine weeks to wait before she finds out if she might have cancer.
She is only in her early twenties.

It made me feel ashamed for my irresponsible attitude to the whole thing, but deep down I can only translate that into cold blooded fear.

I think there is an awareness campaign going on at the moment urging women like me to have the smear test done when it is time, and not to ignore this serious 'first look' at your health.

Enough said.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Lack of communication or rudeness/complacency?

These days,  most working ladies can be found on line. It is how I get my business.
If there was no Internet then I would have to advertise in a newspaper, and that is another thing - I'm not actually sure without checking if I can still do this now.
A few years ago, the newspapers were told to clamp down on these sort of adverts because they were in bad taste.

At the very best best, advertising this way would certainly limit my customer base to  the area where the newspaper was sold.

The Internet truly is the holy grail for the working girl.  I think it would be fair to say that  most punters go on line to find a service provider and when he finds a lady he might want to see,   then there is an on line form of etiquette, which is simply being polite, as hopefully he would be in any other walk of life.

You do not want to piss your prospective shag off do you?  Working girls are not something to be used, which is  what punters used to think.  (and some still do)

These days we are actually  recognised as human beings and of worth, don't you know :),  therefore if you want to see me,  I expect at least a small introduction - nothing too detailed, but polite and nice stating what you want and when.

I know there are still ladies walking the street, and I know a man can still walk into a parlour, but theses days even parlours have websites and galleries where he can view the ladies within and have at least an idea of who he may see when he arrives there. That's the power on the Internet innit.

In the main, if a man wants to see an independent working girl, he will look on line and view one of the directory sites or go straight to an individual lady's website depending on how easy she is to find.

People who wish to see me will find out very quickly that calling me is a lottery since I keep my 'phone at my flat and if I am there it will be because I have an appointment, but there is always a slight chance I could answer and be available.
I do not rule out being called, but by sending me an email, or contacting me through Adultwork, you can guarantee that I will at least read you even if I don't respond straight away.

If you want to see a lady, surely you would send a half decent email?  You know - if you have been taught at school how to read and write and your parents taught you any manners, you know how to approach anyone if you want something...........

I receive emails through the Adultwork site and some of them are so crass and rude that I ignore them or block the sender.
I received an email the other day from a guy who did not want to make an appointment but he wanted to discuss condoms with regard to his own cock.  He sent me three photos of his cock, which unfortunately was not large enough to fit a condom on, but he still wanted my comments on the condition of his cock.  One of the photos had a condom perched on the end of it.
Sorry but I am not your doctor.  I'm paid to suck it and fuck it dear.


Another one said simply  "what area  Leeds you in"

Sorry but get lost.  Blocked.

I can't be bothered with rudeness.  I'm not rude, but I can be if pushed :-)

Some men think we have a cheek  expecting anything after all, they do have to pay us don't they?  How awful for them  *smile*..  I think politeness never cost anything - a bit like soap and water but don't get me started on that - or toothpaste either..............

How to get the message across to some men then..........how to explain to them that sometimes the initial way you approach a working girl can be the deciding factor as to  whether or not she will see you.  Communication is the key.

It's not all bad news though.  99% of the enquiries I get are fine.  It's just the odd one or two that piss me off.  then again, if they write to me like that, perhaps I am better off heading them off at the pass..  and then shoving them into room 101

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Do you?  Or are you one of those who selectively believes in a thing if it happens to be 'spot on' that day, but not the next?

I have never seen a ghost.  If I have - I did not know it.
I can say with some confidence that I have never had an 'out of body' experience, and I have never  knowingly died whilst on the operating table and hovered over my 'dead' body and then decided to get back in............  *smiles*

I do believe in God, because I feel you have to believe in something, and being brought up a Catholic by Irish family, religion is as important as the air you breathe.  These days I do not practice my faith but it will always be there.
When you look at this amazing planet we live on and just think about nature, you realise how bloody lucky we really are to be alive here now.

I love all things living, and that is from air to sea to ground  (think that covers it nicely) and if you were to ask me what I love the best, I would hve to say the way I feel when I look out of my window at the world, and know how lucky I am to be a part of that world.

Lately I have started looking at my horoscope on 'Yahoo', because it is there when I go into my emails, and I have to say more often than not my own particular  birth sign is always accurate at least in some parts if not in all.

This morning I looked at it and it reads like this

Social obligations have become exhausting. Don't feel guilty about cancelling a few appointments. If you keep pushing yourself, you'll experience some physical distress. Take time to stand still and smell the flowers. Ask your best friend or romantic partner to take some responsibilities off your hands. You're always volunteering to help them; now it's time to turn the tables. Usually, you do the work of two people. It's perfectly natural you want a break. An extended holiday will be refreshing.

I can relate to it in every way.  No I am not a crank, but it's uncanny how that horoscope has me down to a tee.  This does not mean I will live by it or expect it to turn out, but I like the cut of it's gib :-)

I'm taking another holiday in October and was feeling guilty about it.  I'm not now :)

Friday, 12 September 2014

I'm a size 16. Yes I really am.

If you come to my house and look in my wardrobe you will find dresses that are a size 16.
I have coats that are size sixteen and one that is an eighteen because the arms only on the same coat in a size 16 were not long enough.

I have trousers that are a size 14, and skirts that are a size 14, but the top half can't get into a 14.. no way..........  so I state I am a size 16 on my website and on my Adultwork site because that is the truth and nothing but.

My bikini that I take on holiday has a medium sized bottom bit and a large top.

Take a look at my photos.  You will see I am not fat.  I'm five feet seven inches tall, and a size 16.  I am not small in height and the body stats and my height combined make me look  slimmer than this size but I am not.  If I were five feet tall and a 16 I would probably look fat.

I am not slim, but I'm not fat either.  I am reasonably happy with my shape and size.  I could do with losing a few lbs, but couldn't we all?

Okay.  So why bleat about it then?

Simple.  Yesterday as I was nearing my flat I saw someone I recognised walking down my street.  It was another working girl and she is a much larger lady than most. She advertises a size 16 on her website. She is slightly taller than me, so that being the case, why advertise a dress size that can't be the truth??

One of us is not telling the truth, and it's not me :-)

I see other ladies on the Adultwork site who state they are a size 14, but look bigger than me in the body particularly the mid-section.   I can hardly believe some of the lies I read on there.  When I say this I mean.. the extent of the lies, not simply the lie itself..

When I look at them and look at my own profile, I know I could lie about my size, but I don't want to dupe anybody into coming to see someone they were not comfortable with;  when I open the door, I want them to be pleased with what they see.  I suffer from low self esteem, so why put myself through any more angst by lying about something so fundamentally important??

The lady I saw yesterday looked more like a size 20.

How do they get away with it?  Why doesn't someone ever put this in a review?

I get a bit fed up with working girl porkies.  The whole shebang makes me tired  How can we ever achieve any form of respect when lies are the norm?

Dress size is only one of the lies ladies use.  Age is another, bust size is probably the biggest lie of all and some ladies do not seem to realise how uninformed they are when telling these lies.

I wear a 36" bra, and have bras of different cup sizes according to how big the boobs are that day.  At some times of the month my breasts swell, and at other times they are less full, so I have cup sizes from an 'F' right up to an 'H' in my drawer.  I am currently wearing a 'G' cup, but the bra is always a 36" size because that is the measurement across my back/

If I was a 38" bra I would have a broader back, and would not be able to fit into size 16 tops.  It ain't rocket science.

If a girl says she has a 40" bust and she is a size 12 then she is either a moron or totally flat chested.

I know a lot of blokes says they have big cocks, but they aren't selling that cock to me are they?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Oscar Pistorious. Who is really guilty here?

I know he shot and killed his girlfriend.  We all know this.  It is for the judge to decide how culpable he is.

Evidence can be taken with a pinch of salt unless it is something that can be checked upon and verified.  What people heard or saw or thought they did is not good enough.  It only serves to build up hysteria.

I am sure she will reach the right decision.  I wonder what the sentence will be if she decides it was not premeditated.  That will be interesting.
The family of Reeva Steenkamp will want/need some form of retribution won't they, ( they want validation of their daughter's life for one thing) and the judge will be more than aware of that, but since it was not Reeva's family that he shot,  it remains to be seen how she reaches and dispatches her verdict.
Is he guilty?  Of shooting her?  Yes. That is clear, but what else is he guilty of?

Remember he has been born and raised in a country where the regime is that of white people who originated from other countries - having historically enjoyed a privileged life over black indigenous people.  Some say Apartheid still exists, and I am sure if you were to venture into one of the townships you would concur with this.

Where did the whites in SA originate from?
The original white settlers travelled from the Netherlands in the mid-1600s, arriving at the Cape in 1652. They were all Dutch Calvinists. Later these were joined by French Huguenots who were assimilated into the Dutch culture. Eventually, their language developed into Africkaans as a result of interacting with other races, both Asian and African. The British arrived in the 19th century and came to control the whole of South Africa after the Boer War, which took place around the turn of the 20th century."

Is Oscar a victim of his own circumstance then?  Born into a life where the gun is as necessary in the home as a mop or a duster?  Steel doors built into houses to stop black burglars/intruders from raping the women and giving them AIDS?

South Africa has had a troubled history, and this is the result of that.

If Oscar Pistorious is found guilty then SA  itself should bear some of that shame IMHO

You could not compare his fate with that of a black man since a black man in SA with that amount of money and privilege is in itself something of an oxymoron.

The Scottish debate. Better together as I see it.

I'm making an attempt at reason here given that , much like the rest of the population, I don't know the facts and figures, and since I am not Scottish I am not emotionally entangled in the gubbins of the thing, so I have been doing a bit if digging around to find out why they want to separate from us and why we (David Cameron for one) don't want them to do this.

I think it's all a bit  hysterical   historical don't you?  We were never terribly friendly back in the day !

According to our good old friend Wikipedia, this is a potted version of the battles between our two Kingdoms.

The Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland fought dozens of battles with each other. They fought typically over land, particularly Berwick-Upon-Tweed, and the Anglo-Scottish border frequently changed as a result. Prior to the establishment of the two kingdoms, in the 10th and 9th centuries, their predecessors, the Northumbrians and the Picts or Dal Riatans, also fought a number of battles. Major conflicts between the two parties include the Wars of Scottish Independence (1296–1357), and the Rough Wooing (1544–1551), as well as numerous smaller campaigns and individual confrontations. In 1603, England and Scotland were joined in a "personal union" when King James VI of Scotland succeeded to the throne of England as King James I. War between the two states largely ceased, although the Wars of the Three Kingdoms in the 17th century, and the Jacobite Risings of the 18th century, are sometimes characterised as Anglo-Scottish conflicts, despite really being British civil wars.

So what happened next?

So... It seems that..  The Scottish Independence campaign or "yes campaign" is a political movement that wants Scotland to leave the United Kingdom and become an independent country

It seems that we formally united in 1707 after a lot of political wrangling.  I think movies like "Braveheart" have not helped.  The truth is that William Wallace, fought his rebellion centuries ago.  "Braveheart" was largely a work of fiction anyway.   Scotland has since voluntarily unified with Britain, and while the Scots do have a long history of scepticism towards that union, today's campaign is mostly about present day issues.

As I read on, I find myself losing the will to live here.............
Cultural pride in Scottish  accomplishments seems to have translated in an argument that Scotland would be better off managing it's own affairs.

If I were Scottish I would resent decisions being made in parliament about my country, but  the Scots have accepted so much financial help derived from our taxes.  Who paid for most of their infrastructure?
They don't pay for prescriptions.  Who pays for them then?  Someone does !  Who funds the assistance for the massive drink and drug addiction problem in Scotland?  Not the Scots..

We are cutting back on all sorts of important amenities in England .  Libraries are closing down, but in Scotland they are alive and kicking. Who pays for all of this?   You cannot escape from facts.

Now there is this niggle about Scotland's share of the national debt and of course Oil.

Better together with Scotland having a lot more say in it's own affairs seems the way forward to me.  I always thought unity = strength.

History is fine and dandy when they use it to make a film scotching over facts above fiction which let's face it - would not make good viewing, but the past should not cloud the future should it.

Please feel free to enlighten me on my lack of knowledge here.  i would welcome it.

Okay - here's the thing...  since I used a quote from Wiki at the beginning of this piece - everything else is in funny white boxes which I can't seem to get rid of.  Apologies for this.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Can we talk?

I would like to justify my existence as a prostitute using Joan Rivers quotes to back me up :-)

These are some of the reasons a man may want to consider leaving the marital bed (that's if he was ever allowed in there) to get into mine and have sexual antics which do mess up the sheets......

From the lady herself.......... and in bold type are my comments............

"I don't exercise.  If God had wanted me to bend over , he would have put diamonds on the floor."
..Why your wife won't do doggy............

"My love life is like a piece of swiss cheese, most of it is missing and what's there stinks"

= The menopause and the biggest reason women use for not having sex anymore :-)

"You know when you're getting old when you buy a sexy sheer nightgown and don't know anyone who can see through it"

You remember the one you bought your wife to spruce your sex .life up twenty years ago and the only person who sees through it now is the moth that ate through the fabric :-)

"When a man has a birthday he takes a year off, when a woman has a birthday she takes three years off"

Only three?  A working girl takes at least five off...LOL

"Half of all marriages end in divorce, and then there are the really unhappy ones"

The happiest marriages are where the husband comes to see me once a week :)

"You know when you are getting old when work is a lot less fun and fun is a lot more work"

Sometimes having fun can be quite good if you have to work up a sweat, as long as you don't give yourself a heart attack in the process, or strain your back, pull a muscle. have a seizure.. or a stroke.. ah there's nothing like getting out of breath (but not completely) before your  one and only orgasm :)

"Had a friend who is going through the menopause come by and see me today.  Her hot flash was so bad it steam cleaned my carpet"

When I start going through the menopause I'll advertise myself as 'hot stuff'

God bless that lady.  Joan Rivers RIP