Friday, 3 July 2015

I'm away next week

just for a week.  After that I won't be taking another holiday for at least.............  four months:)

Typically though, the weather here will be in strong competition with my sunnier destination  because this is what happens every time I go away on holiday!

I think the Government should pay me to go away so you lot get the benefit of it.  Sounds fair to me:)

..The irony of that last statement was not lost on me........... LOL

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A 'Letter from a 'Client'

No..   I would not do that!

I would never publish what somebody writes to me, nor would I be twice as crass as  to fabricate a letter a client 'wrote' to me  to justify why a man decides to come and see me for sex,  so I can pull in other clients.

Discretion is a massive part of my approach to my work.  When I say I am discreet I am.

I read with distaste these letters from 'clients' that working girls  publish on their blogs/sites every so often  in order to convey what exactly?

That they are  the 'one' worth seeing above any of the rest?

That this 'poor man' has suffered long enough and now wants to have fun.  Oh how my heart bleeds for the dirty fucker:)

Oh purlease.  Isn't this industry tarnished enough?  Aren't there enough books/journals out there with people bleating on about why they see 'escorts'?

I wonder how their wives would feel if they knew their illnesses or lack of sex drive were the excuses that are used to make the man feel a whole lot better about  going off and dipping his wick .
I wonder if it makes it more acceptable if the hooker is not attractive... I can see it now  "sorry dear but you know, it wasn't as if she was good looking or anything.. I just needed to find relief with  someone who understands.............. and takes it balls deep.

Balls deep?  If I were his wife I'd chop 'em off and feed them to the dog.  You don't call me Bobbit.. there would be no bobbing them back on after   'Rover'.  *moves eyebrows up and down like Eric Morecambe*   Yeah like that x

Come on.  Don't be so shabby with your marketing !

If any man decides he wants to see a working girl,  I don't think it's necessary for him read the ramblings of some saddo who bleats on about the cobwebs around his wife's vagina.  It's not the way to attract new clients.

Truth?  escorts don't care about why you come - that's for you to decide.  Your reasons are there for you think about.  Escorts are simply there for you to come and have fun with.  If you want to talk about it, that is also fine but remember we are not in some form of club, and we don't have to agree with your sentiments.  I am not here to endorse your guilt.  It is not a shared out thing.

I am the most understanding person in the world.  I understand a lot of things.  I also feel for people.
I feel your horn, I really do, especially when it is halfway down my throat tickling my tonsils as I tickle your balls and shove my well oiled finger tenderly up your bum to pleasure your prostate.  I can both  multitask, and understand all at the same time.

I understand alright.  Just bring the essentials with you when you arrive.  your cock in one hand and your wallet in the other.. Cock and wallet,.... wallet and cock.. any order will do :)

I don't want to read this shite.

I will look after you in the best way I can.  I'll provide a comfortable venue in which to do 'it'.  I'll give you a glass of vino in a glass!  You can shower and I'll even let you dry off with a towel, but what I will do is give you a very nice time which is what you came for.

If you're not game enough or not ready to do this yet.  I understand.  If/when you have changed your mind, I'll still be here.
That was the serious bit.

I would never ever be so crass as to talk you into it.  Isn't it enough to know I'm here? 

For Fuck's sake.........  that is tacky... talk about a letter from America!  and I won't apologise for swearing either.

Some men know what they want and go for it
Some men move from woman to woman because they like the variety and it is a turn on
Some men like to stay with one lady and get comfy about the whole thing
Some men won't kiss
Some men won't go down on you.. the selfish bastards :)
Some men only want to watch you pleasure yourself while they wank and that's all good
Some men think they want to do this and in the end feel guilty and cancel
Some men do this only once
Some men do it every week
Some men have no sex at home
Some men have never had sex with the light on
Some men have never seen under their wife's nightie
Some men have !
Some men have never had oral .. not since the wedding night  I blame it on the cake.
Some men have never been hammered
Some men have never had reverse cowgirl
Some men don't know what that is
Some men have lots of sex
Some men have roast beef
Some men cry wee wee wee all the way home.

This little piggy does not appreciate the way some ladies try to justify this industry.

It's dirty, seedy and  utterly wonderfully disgusting.  We get your cock out and suck it even if we have a degree in art, we still suck cock
Some of us do it better than others :)  Some of us even like it :) :)

I liberate cocks from drudgery.  They go where no other cock has been.  This is sex Jim, but not as we know it.

The best thing about coming to see someone like me is that we both know while we are sitting there  cheesily supping our vino is that filth is on the agenda, the filthier the better and not much more.

Please don't embarrass me by quantifying my existence by publishing shitty sob stories.  It tarnishes what I do, it really does!  Let's keep it in the gutter.  It's more 'satisfying' that way.

It makes it into the sort of  lovely dovey shite that you read about in the woman's weekly when we all know the best part of that was the rolled up bit he beat me on the bottom with, as he tenderly stroked his burgeoning throbbing 'friend'.

I get letters from men every week. They stay in my mailbox.  They wrote them to me, not to you or you or you.

Girls!  Tell the guys how sexy and filthy you are.  Show him if you can by providing photos, but don't show him some bloody letter some other guy may or may not have written.  It's really not the way to do this, and it's unfair.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Educating Tom/Dick/Harry as opposed to Rita..........

So you want to see a working girl, and you've never done it before and want to know how this thing works...

...or  you approached a working girl and felt that you got short shrift from her and do not understand why the psycho bitch will not see you now even though you have exchanged war and peace in emails?

You might be one or none of the above and are unsure of what to do or say.

Can I help?

Decide who you wish to see.  Find out how she wants to be contacted and try to adhere to her personal rules, because if you don't, there is a strong chance  she won't see you.
It's called being polite, and it's also about common sense,  respecting her need for safety, discretion and security for both parties.

I recently had a run in with a guy.  It went from me agreeing to see him and then it degenerated into me saying I would never see him.  He didn't grasp what he had done wrong, even though I pointed it all out to him, and even though the emails were polite, certain points were not addressed and it all went wrong.

This it how it works for me.

Have a read of my profile where it tells you I am an independent lady who works by myself and does not share my flat with anyone.  Note I don't show my face on the photos.

You decide you might like to see me but you have never done this before, so you send me an email telling me this and ask how do we go about meeting up.

Don't ask me if I will be the person you will be meeting.  Don't ask me if I will be alone.  Don't ask for a face pic so you can recognise me when we meet, and don't ask for the full address, which is basically what he did.

How many warning bells did all that ring!

Don't force me to feel I have tell you that there is CCTV in the building for everybody's (including you) safety, and that I don't have face pics for  reasons of discretion, and put me in a position where I even have to consider saying that I don't keep any money on the premises. Understand that I will want you to stand at a vantage point so I can see you when you call me.  Understand why.  You could be someone I have seen before and don't want to see you again for any number of reasons, or you may not be alone, or you might scare the hell out of me.
That has not happened yet but it might!

This is why I have CCTV so I can see you walk in by yourself alone, and feel safe.

If I ask you if you have done this before, don't evade the question and not tell me.

Explain yourself.  If you have fears I will try to allay them.  I have been doing this for over ten years now, so I know where you are coming from, but of course there has to be some trust on both sides.

Every so often I will receive an email that flags up all sorts of worries, and it is the lack of communication which does this, so talk to me and be honest. I find it is the only way.

When I see someone new, my heart beats hard and fast.  It is the build up of meeting a stranger, but it is also the element of fear that does this.  I may have done this lots of times, but the anticipation is always there.

Be kind to me.  I'm only human.  When it sort of gets to a point where you realise you have spooked me and I won't see you now because you were evasive and awkward and I had to think hard about this and then turn you down, don't send me links to sites where they discuss paranoid delusion which is what one guy did when I refused to see him now.

He refused to see that I was spooked and did not understand why I would not send him a photo of my face, and then spooked when he asked me if i would be alone there, and wanted the full address before I had even agreed to see him.

I think I am not the deluded one here, and might I add, that I did not call him a tosser either.  I wished the lunatic well.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Reasons to.. and reasons not to !

Ask a man why he sees working girls and he will have his own  excuses   reasons.

Ask a man why he does not see a working girl and the list of reasons might make you laugh.

I saw a post on a silly forum by some guy saying he saw a girl who he thought might not be naturally wet.. for him...that is..
 Oh no, how very dreadful.. Could it be that the selfish bitch was using lurve lube:)

He was so upset, that he felt the need to talk about it and needed  confirmation  reassurance from other posters that the goo coming out of her lady parts was in fact lube and not a natural substance..........  poor lamb.

I think he felt that the lube somehow belittled his manhood, and she was not really horny :)

Shoot the bitch for making sure she was wet for him then :)

It makes me laugh when I read rubbish like this because on the same forum they say the girls are only doing this for the money anyway!

How utterly mercenary  *smile*

He said that when he turned her over to rim her, there was white stuff coming out and he thought it was lube...

I think it's more likely that it was this........
or maybe it was this?    

Please allow me to dispel and then to expel a few myths about getting wet......... in dirty circumstances :)

If you are with a boyfriend/partner and you get frisky together, it's probably a sure thing that you are going to get wet.   If you don't then  he needs lessons..........

Having sex with a condom however, has this weird effect of making me persoanlly - go dry, down 'there'.
I think it is the rubber they make condoms with. It does not matter how much I have cum when he has licked me, the condom is an instant passion killer.

If I am with a client and he does everything that is right and he gets me moist, I will probably still need a little bit of lube for the main event.  I might not but I probably will.

I must stress that this is not always the case, but as a general rule of thumb - condoms are not conducive to sloppy sex.

If I am with a client and he does nothing to me physically at all - say he wants a blow job followed by sex, I will more than likely need a drop of  lube, to get me started.  I'm a mutual sorta gal and don't get me wrong - I'm there to give pleasure and happy to do so, but I'll be needing the lube for the main event :)

Some clients are so sexy and horny that I never even think about using it, and do not need it at first but as we get into shagging mode...  I reach for a bit of the looby loo.., but some men are not sexy, and don't know how to lick a lady properly ,and so therefore lube may be needed at some point in the proceedings :)

On another note, if you use a good quality lube, you can turn an ordinary hand job into pure  filth theatre.

As time has gone along I have made lots of personal discoveries, and one of them is that I have a penchant for giving hand jobs, and I absolutely love it.
Lube is one of the best things they ever invented, and should not be regarded as  a negative where working girls are concerned.

Anything that you can use to aid and enhance and prolong your sex is no bad thing IMHO.

Another thing I find really weird is that we see married men, but some of them think we are committing a crime if we are married or have a significant other, and would stop seeing a girl for that reason........ maybe it's the pimp thing, but I think it's more territorial than this.

I am single, but what if I met someone tomorrow? Would this mean that my clients would bin me?

Crikey !

A Rose is a Rose by any other name ... as they say !

I haven't fully decided yet, but I may have to change my working name or at least, a part of it.

There are several reasons why, but I am being ever so slightly pressured into doing this.
If and when I do I can assure you that it will be purely  a business decision.
Nobody is making me do it, but someone has been rattling my cage as they say :)

I'm not worried about it, and I'm not even bothered to be honest.  I've done it once before when I was outed to my family by jealous people, and it made no difference to me or my business at all.

A working girl friend told me a change of name was like suicide in this biz.  Well I've already done it and can say from personal experience - 'not at all'.
If you are good at your job a change of name won't affect it and whwo knows might even enhance my business, not that I need it enhancing now.

It's not the person inside - it's the brand, and a good friend once told me 'evolve or die' and I think that is a good maxim to live by when you are a working girl.

The industry attracts more and more people all the time and we all should have a unique selling point.  I know what mine is and it sure ain't the name :)

This article here says your brand name is the most important and powerful selling tool you have so I'm looking forward to a new phase in my working life and hoping to embrace it.

I'm not doing it just yet, but when I do I will be leaving several others behind who have taken on my name perhaps in the hope that some of the 'fame' will rub off.  It is annoying when you give yourself a name only to find other girls follow on and use it and even some of your photos.........  what's that all about?

Here's another article which discusses re-branding,   It might have a detrimental effect, and I might lose customer loyalty.  There is no loyalty in this biz, no 'goodwill'...  just girls, men and sex.. and more sex :)

When I do change the name you will be the first to know - I promise !  There is nothing set in stone as it were, but I think it may well be........


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Who am I?

I've been around doing this for ever over ten years:)
When I began working I came across and joined a seedy message forum and to my surprise there were ladies posting on there who had been around for a lot longer than this.
I remember one person in particular saying she had  been a prostitute for fourteen years.  She was bitter to say the least and her postings were inconsistent, funny at times and ascerbic at others, and then when she was drunk/high on drugs she became aggressive and turned on working girls who said they liked the job, calling us liars and tramps.
I wondered why she worked when it was more than obvious that she hated men.   At that time I still had a few misconceptions about the industry and could not imagine how anyone would choose this over a 'real job', or would work if they didn't like having sex with men.

If anyone had asked me for a job description  I would have said I was an 'escort'.  I knew it was prostitution alright but I nodded towards other explanations of the job as they fitted better in my head. This was not so much a denial of the truth;  more a convenient excuse for something so profoundly wrong.  Not that I would have told anyone anyway.  Only a fool would have told their friends and family that they were a prostitute.
I also did not think I would be doing it for long, but I was hooked from the moment I started and still am now.

In those days, 'escort' was exactly what I did.  I went out to dinner and to the theatre and to gigs, so in essence I was an escort.  In a previous life I was an escort of another kind.  I went with people in the ambulance to hospital and stayed with them while they were there and accompanied them home.

This name 'escort' was given to me by the agency I worked for.

When I became  indie  I cut out the pimp and answered my own calls, and the clients were mine only and not the 'property' of the agency.
By now I was better informed about this industry, and I did not like being called an escort anymore as I felt it sort of glamorised what I did.  I also realised that this marketing term had created a sort of snobbery, and it separated and divided the escort from the parlour girl and the streetgirl.  It created a class system and made girls suspicious of one another.
Some men would only see escorts.  They would not dream of seeing a prostitute !  When I went out to people some of them would argue that I was not a prostitute, trying to make me feel better?

Hey Mr. , don't worry about it - I know what I am !  I remember one client telling me he was not a punter, oh no -he was a client.  Listen... if that's what gets you through the day...........

When I started out, the guys would call the agency and a lot of them would specifically ask for a girl who did OWO.  They did not want blow jobs with a condom on.  OWO was the new 'black'.  This was what I did and I did it because I had never used a condom before in my life, and was not about to start now unless of course, we had sex.
These days anything goes.  Girls are much more competitive and offer anal as the norm, and throat fucking and lots of other stuff which was once considerded to be 'fetish stuff'.
No wonder some girls hate the job !  God help their bumholes when they get old is what I say...  :)

Nappies come into my head at this moment..............

Girls in their own places offer parlour type services in order to keep busy.  A fifteen minute quickie is no longer thought of a something tacky and only reserved for parlours.  The snobbery has gone as far as the industry is concerned, and girls have to state on ther profiles what they will and will not do.
Punters make informed choices.  The industry is more black and white.

These days, prostitution has become a tool for girls to pay their way through university  It is now a choice for nice girls  when at one time no  respectable girl in her right mind would do this  (except me of course:)  Now girls from all walks of life will prostitute themselves to pay their way.

It is no longer thought of as a form of slavery.  Why get a loan from the bank when you can lie on your back to pay for Christmas?

This article discusses the way prostitution has quietly evolved it's way into the modern world.

I am all for it.  I do like the idea of the shame of it though, and also the impropriety of it all.  It's what gets me through the day ...  lol.

Having read the article, I do think some people take the power of being a prostitute too far.  Taking pride in giving pleasure and taking some pleasure for  yourself is something I have always done.  To me this is not new at all.
I think today's modern prostitute is more about making money than enjoying the work though, which is a bit like turning the clock back, and today's modern prostitute by any other name does not seem to think it is wrong to out her client, or to become a reality TV star.

Middle class or not, modern or not, those girls who make their clients public are just trash.  When a girl sees a man he pays her for time he spends with her.  His wife and family are not part of the deal . Girls who run off to the papers  for the fame and the pound of flesh  actually set prostitution back rather than make it more acceptable.    Of course that is only my humble opinion.
Prostitution should never be accepted.  This is what makes it soo exciting :)  Once it becomes mainstream I'll probably loose interest.

I can identify with parts of the article, but at the end of the day I was always my own man, and this won't change no matter what is the latest fad.

What am I then?   I'm a lover of life of course :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

In a quiet little corner of Leeds there is a lady who enjoys..........

Before I started working I was under the impression that prostitutes were people to be afraid of.
I'd seen streetwalkers in Bradford, and viewed them as another species of woman.
It never occurred to me that they were doing this to support a family, and that they may not want to be there at all.

I, like the rest of my family and friends thought they were filth. The lowest of the low.. dirty old scrubbers.
People from my town used to drive past them on the way home from their 'Bradford curry', and they were a sideshow for our morbid entertainment;.  something to stare at, but at the same time be actually afraid of.
I was in awe of them and fascinated at the thought of what they were doing.
I did not have a clue how brave or desperate they may be for money.
I remember being a child  seeing the news about Peter Sutcliffe, murdering Prostitutes.  Not 'Women' but 'Prostitutes' as if they were different to the rest of us and did not matter, and wondering why they still risked their lives doing 'this', having no idea about how some people struggle to live.  How narrow minded.

I feel deeply ashamed of that now.

I realise  why people think prostitutes do not value their lives.  It's deeply ingrained in the fabric of society that we are of no worth since we do something no other woman would do.

Listen, lots of women prostitute their bodies but don't 'work' !  Some of them are married and only have sex because they want something.  What is the difference here?  Honesty perhaps :)

When I started working, I was an out call escort.  I considered myself to be an Escort with a capital 'E'..  I knew I was a prostitute, but  I did not at any time think I was like those girls standing on 'Lumb Lane' with their cigarettes and their handbags...........  oh no, I was well dressed, spoke nicely, and enjoyed myself.

As time went on I grew up emotionally.   This job is a massive leveller.  You see people from all walks of life, and it really gets your own life into perspective.

No matter how we work - whether we call ourselves 'Courtesan', or 'Escort' or 'Callgirl'; no matter where we work, whether that be from our own home or a flat, or in a parlour (brothel) or on the street - we are all the same but for one thing..........


There are different sorts of choice.  I'm not speaking about ladies who are forced to work - that's another topic entirely.  

What I mean here is those who feel they have no other choice because they need to earn money quickly to pay their bills or their dealer.

Some ladies have no choice but to work for any number of reasons.  Some ladies may choose to work of their own free will, but money is the only reason for their career choice.  It does not matter if they charge £££'s  or do fifteen minute quickies even, they are simply doing this to earn a living.

Some ladies are the breadwinner in their family.  Some of them may have a dependency on drink or drugs...  some of them might have cultivated that dependency while working; some of them may not drink at all,and never done drugs in the whole of their lives, but...  they are all doing this for the money only.

Some ladies enjoy their work.  Some ladies get off on the quickie stuff, and some like longer appointments.

The true test of a good working girl is in her longevity  (IMHO)..  I mean..  if she is crap she will not last long in this biz.  It is a cruel industry.  If you are no good the punter won't come back.

Some ladies extend a career when the phone rings less by introducing new services such as Domination.  I think most ladies in this industry do not enjoy the job.  I think this is a fair statement to make given my experience of others I have known in the biz.
I have worked as an agency escort, and mixed with other ladies who clearly were only doing this for the money.
We knew who liked to party, and we knew who only wanted work when their purse was empty because once they had a few jobs they could not be reached until they were broke, and they would beg for work saying they would do anything.

I have looked after girls who I knew had a pimp in the background.  I remember one beautiful Indian girl who had a boyfriend on Heroin.  She ran off with two sets of fees.
We gave her a chance and gave her more work to pay off the fees because she came clean and told us about the boyfriend.
She was what we called an 'agency hopper'  going from agency to agency.  At that time in Leeds all the agencies were suspicious of one another and nobody talked or helped each other.

It was only when a girl joined our agency and recognised another girl she had worked with for someone else, that we would find things like this out.  One of them would warn us that the other girl owed fees 'all over Leeds', and usually she would end up doing the same thing to our agency.

That was a shame.  Agencies could have had a database of clients to avoid for instance. We had our share of men who removed the condom, or men who were horrible to the girls, but you only found this out when one of us was sent out to the guy and reported back what had happened.
Unfortunately money is placed over the girl and the boss would send several of us out to the offending man until she realised he was a pig, and then he would be banned from using our agency. This would be after she had made plenty of money out of him.

You can't put a price on meanness can you!

I have always liked what I do.  The boss told me she never had to sell me like she had to do with other ladies - the men would 'phone up and ask for me.

One day she said to me 'I'm going to get all the girls in  and you can tell them exactly what  you do'

I told her to get lost !    Why should I tell anyone else what I do.. and anyway it was all so simple...  I enjoyed myself.  You can't tell another girl to enjoy fucking strangers can you???  You can make a girl look sexy but you can't make her sexy :)

These days I work quietly  in my little place in Leeds.  I am not talked about any more, and the reviews have more or less dried up.  I'm still here though, and I'm still enjoying the work as much as I ever did.  I have a lot of clients who tell me I am the best kept secret in Leeds, and I rather like that !

The only person who can judge if a girl is worth returning to is the client himself.  He never needs to tell a soul, but if he calls you back, you know you must be doing something right, and that is the biggest kick of all, knowing you turn someone on.