Thursday, 16 October 2014

Reasons why prostitution will never be recognised as something society accepts

Even reluctantly... society will not tolerate prostitution - ever.  Not in this lifetime for sure.. and why should it when things like this are going on..........



You know, there are some people who will argue that if prostitution was accepted as something men can do openly, maybe on the way home from work - just pop in to your local prossie and have a quick shag instead of going to the pub, or on a Sunday morning instead of washing the car........  yes I am being cynical here...  but there are those who say that there would be less rape and less abuse of vulnerable people if prostitution was more shall we say 'mainstream'.

There is a similar analogy to young offenders, drug users who burgle people's houses, mug people for their mobile to sell for drugs...  some say 'get them all out of the prisons and let the army deal with them'

Sorry for swearing here, but why the fuck would the army want them and does it deserve them?

Same thing with me.  I actually don't want to see someone who would otherwise impregnate and rape a teenage girl, or rape and batter a woman to death on her way home thanks.

The kind of men who traffic girls, and take teenagers off the streets giving them drugs and then gang raping them, and the kind of man who attacks women  is not the kind of man I see.

This is a world away from what I do........ but at the same time, what I do needs leaving alone.

Yes I'm a prostitute, but I have the same standards as you do and this does not include being held responsible for anything the government needs as an excuse for not having a handle on, such as drugs in any connotation you wish to conjure up, or any other old thing people seem to tar us with.

And if a man rapes a prostitute, does this mean she is not a woman any more.  Is being a prostitute some sort of affliction?

Let me work quietly and leave me out of it.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Prostitution.. what do you think about it then? Maybe this is a tad harsh.

Is it right that a man can go onto the Internet and seek and find paid for sexual services ?

Some people think so.  Some people think they have every right to be able to go about their business quietly, and provided they are not hurting another soul including the person they are about to have sex with, then it is nobody's business but their own.  I am talking about both parties here.

Some people think it is disgusting that a man can go off and pay for sex when he has a wife at home,

Some men think it is fine to do this.  They also think their wives don't know about it.  They think as long as they are paying for it and their wife does not have a clue then they are not harming anyone... provided they are not hurting anyone else...  even their wife who..does..not..have.. a ..clue..

Some prostitutes seem to think they can jump on the  feminist bandwagon spouting the opposite of the other feminists who despise prostitution.  They all think they are singing from the same hymn sheet but at polar ends...........

They all like to shout about it don't they?

Truth is, you do not have a clue about it unless you have ever been involved in any way, and even then your view is subjective.........

Let me explain..

I am a prostitute.  I work quietly away in my own place, minding my own business as you do..  seeing clients old and new.  I don't mix with other prostitutes socially, and I don't go out on dinner dates, or see men for overnight appointments.  I'm discreet.  Now and then I talk on message forums, and I talk on my blog, for two reasons.. one is because I like to do so and the other is because I want people to know I am a free thinking individual who makes my own decisions. I'm not pimped.  I don't have to hand my money over to anyone else except for the wolf at the door whom we all know :)

I don't talk to the press.  For one thing I don't have anything sensational to say to them, and anything I did say would be used against me.  My words would be twisted and misunderstood.  I am also boring.  I don't think prostitution should be made an acceptable thing because in essence it is wrong

So the guy who never has sex with this wife goes off and pays for it.  It's okay as long as she does not find out..........  and then if she does?

And what of the wife who never has sex with her husband because he never wants it?  Where does she stand in all of this?  Oh he's alright - having sex with different women - probably doing things he never even dreamed of before, but that is okay because he is paying for it and has no feelings for the woman he is paying to give him the best sex he's ever had in his life !

There are lots of women who hate doing this job for one reason or another.  Some ladies may feel they have no option because they need this money, and living on benefits does not buy the children the things they need let alone the things they may want............  of course the guys they fuck don't know that do they?

Some women are brought over here with the promise of work.. somebody is holding their passport and they have to 'work it off'  and the promise of that job as a waitress is not quite the same as the one they are doing now............

I could go on...  I think I will...  what about the girls who do this and then get involved with drugs?  Oh this does also happen.  Lots of working girls do drugs, recreationally and habitually.
Oh it don't take long for 'recreational' and 'habitual' to become one and the same.
Wold you like to think your money fresh out of the cash machine will be handed over to a dealer or a pimp 30 minutes after you have gone.........  back to your unsuspecting wife?

These are hard facts.

Then of course there is 'little birds tweeting around the top of her head' me.. who enjoys her work.. which I do, but how would you know this?

Is this making you cringe a little?  I rather hoped it would make you think !

You see... in the middle of all this are ladies like me who do enjoy what they do.  Hopefully they are aware of the ladies who don't, and if there is only one woman in the whole of the UK today who is being forced to sell herself by the hand of another person, then you will realise why I do not agree with legislation as that will only serve to scotch over the abuse of women with little or no choice at all.

Don't stop punting.  Just punt responsibly.  Think a little more carefully about the lady you see, and if she seems terribly unhappy, then vote with your feet, and if you think she is being made to work there is always 'Crimestoppers'.

And of the rest of you who use 'the prostitute' to fill the gap at home - make sure you cover your tracks because I don't want to speak to your wife on the 'phone since I have no defence other than to say I did not approach anyone.. I did not know he was married...  when of course I did.
I have had women call me, terribly upset, asking questions.  I never admit to a thing, and play ignorant.  If your wife does ever call me it will be down to you my friend.

Having said all of that I exercise my freedom to do what I please which means I will continue to see  clients for fun at mine until the day I retire, and when I do that, I'll simply get back into real life, and exercise my 'get out 'plan for which I have been preparing, but that won't be for a long time.
Unlike some ladies who simply disappear with a puff of smoke, I will inform my clients in advance, as this is the decent thing to do.

Some people do not equate prostitution with any form of decency, but it can be found.  You just have to know where to look !

I have to say something about lovely Judy Finnegan

She is so talented.  She is a born TV presenter, and her empathy towards the people she interviewed was one of things I  liked and admired most about her when she first appeared on our screens as co presenter of 'This Morning' with her husband.
Judy Finnegan is one of those people you feel you could talk to and know for sure that she was not patronising you - passing air time - for the sake of a TV show.
In short - she's a real woman who related to other women.

Judy does not feel the need to pander to the ideal in the way that some TV personalities have done. Just take a look at Carol Vorderman (if you must) and I am only using her as an example as she is probably the most enhanced older lady on TV just now.

Wasn't her fine mind enough to keep her in the limelight?  Obviously not..   Doesn't this show you what TV is all about?  In subscribing to the theory that we all love youthful looks these so called celebs keep their shelf life going by succumbing to 'the knife', so we are forced to view an aging Jessica Rabbit  on our screens and what is so annoying to me is this is a woman who represents women !
Ladies like this, do not symbolize me.
They tpyify something that shouts out low self  esteem.

The thing is,  I have a daughter who has a beautiful perfect figure, who dresses like a younger person.  I am from a different generation, and dress accordingly to my figure and age.  If I choose to wear short skirts though. which I do - there won't be a plastic bottom sticking out at the back like a built in car seat...LOL

This is not to say I am old, but I am older.  I don't want to fight my age, I want to live it and enjoy being me, not something I grieve for !  I can assure you I embrace my whole self.  I don't want to look at someone older than me on the screen looking stupid, since she still looks older no matter what she does.

This is where the plastic surgery addiction gets them. They believe they actually are this false caricature of themselves, and then what happens when the skin  starts to naturally sag  because it has been unnaturally streeetched  and now needs tightening up even more...  it'd all downhill from there on - from sex bomb to freak status.

I don't want to look at gravity defying implanted backsides, or lifted up tits or tight shiny skinned lifted up past the eyeballs faces either   I don't want to have an earnest conversation with someone  unnatural in any way.  I can't relate to someone who tells me without even opening her mouth that we are nothing like each other  at all.
This is not to say I abhore plastic surgery though.  Not at all...  just don't overdue it and expect me to take you seriously :).

Give me the likes of Judy any day.
Now it seems that the lady has caused a storm with some comments she made.

Thing is... we all  know what she meant,  but the media have chosen to inflate her comments and make her look insensitive and crass.

Looking back, she may well wish she had chosen her words a little more carefully, but this was in conversation (and I'm all for that) and someone seized upon her comments and trashed her to death...  you may say she did this herself, while we all know exactly what she meant.

Yes, the man raped that girl but he did not punch her or bruise her, he didn't knock her teeth out or slash her face or break her bones is what she meant.  She was not excusing the violence of rape, or the mental torture, she was simply demonstrating her empathy and understanding by damage limiting what could easily have happened but did not, on behalf of the poor recipient of the rape FOR GOODNESS' SAKE.

Then you read the comments on the article made my ordinary people saying she is ugly and an alcoholic which she is not, and the tide of abuse carries on...........

I wish there were more people like Judy on the TV.  More ordinary decent people who don't feel the need to buy into this illusion that we all subscribe to of liking perfection.

I much prefer humour, and intelligence, and interesting conversation above looks any day of the week, thank you, and that includes the men I see professionally.

Another thing which infuriates me is the way men go on about the programme 'Loose Women'.  Why shouldn't women have a voice?  Why shouldn't we see women saying what they think about issues which affect us all?  Just lose the plastic panellists please, and lets be seeing real women.

Maybe they should change the format and the name to 'Real Women' and only have normal looking ladies on board with Judy there all the way..  She is a national treasure.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

And now for something completely different

There is a God.  I am living testament to this.  It's been a fantastic week.
I have actually worked this week - yes I have.. and met with new wonderful people, and they know who they are..

Giving and receiving pleasure is my main reason for doing this naughty work. If I have managed to make just one other person feel good then I have achieved everything I ever wanted to do, and this feeling of work 'euphoria' is what urges me to continue.

Sounds pretentious?  It's not meant to

Here's hoping I will be able to keep it up...........


I missed a good friend this week and apologise. x x x

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Yes, it is official on this blog. He is most unequivocally a Bellend of the first order

... and as far as I an concerned, always has been....right from the moment he popped out from his mothers flute as it happens.  there is no bigger Bellend in this country than Jeremy Clarkson.

The problem with men like him is that their stupid mothers start the ball rolling at birth, making their tit of a child more important in the family pecking order than it's own father.

They send them orf to private school, and that's where this conceited delusion really starts to take shape and form the beginnings of gargantuan twatish proportions until  by the time he grows up, he is a man in child's trousers that he can't ever manage to shake off, and so the twat is let loose with his misogynistic views excluding only his mother and perhaps the Queen, but every other living female is most certainly beneath his contempt.

I expect his mother regales all his antics to anyone who has the misfortune to sit next to her on the bus.  My son Jeremy.

The shame of it.

What will he do next we wonder?  It's like waiting for the next instalment  of an episode of Billy Bunter, or The Chuckle brothers, except of course that they are all funny and Jeremy.. isn't.  The Chuckle Bros are funny to look at, and Jeremy is rather unpleasant to look at or to listen to..

I saw the interview with Piers Morgan and observed how his mother 'overegged the pudding' gushing sentimental gobbledygook about him.  She really is his biggest fan isn't she?

That's his problem.  As long as Mummy endorses his antics, Jeremy will continue to offend.

'Bellend 'is not enough to describe him.

In the latest debacle,   He says  it was" the most terrifying thing I've ever been involved in". 
He said: "I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan, but this was the most terrifying thing I've ever been involved in.
"There were hundreds of them. They were hurling rocks and bricks at our cars.
"This is not just some kind of jolly Top Gear jape - this was deadly serious."
Continuing to insist his innocence, Clarkson said: "For once, we did nothing wrong. "
“They threw us out for the political capital. Thousands chased crew to the border. Someone could have been killed."

Really?  should change could to should  then !

Call yer mother Jezzer, get her sympathy, get her to wrap up a bear and send it over.  I'd like you to go away now and never return to our screens again, you knock kneed horse faced old trout.. and a waste of oxygen.

Did you know he hates prostitutes??      ....thinks having affairs and hurting his wife is OK though.  I'll bet she feels nothing but relief now having got rid of both the juvenile old git and his ever adoring  parent in one fell swoop.

That must have been the cup of tea worth having :-)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

And now it's time for a bit of a rant..........

Well.. all of this happiness.. it can't really last can it :-)

Litter.. rubbish..  human bloody beings  is what I am on about.

I went on a family holiday earlier this year and we had small children with us.  We went to the beach (as you do) and we bought buckets and spades and the rest...  no chance of a sunbathe when you have little ones with you is there?

This holiday was not in the UK by the way.

The beach, which was in a beautiful part of the world was littered with cigarette ends.  Every time you dug for sand there were tabs on the spade which I as a non smoker find offensive.
I would not let the children touch them and I got a plastic bag and emptied the offending tabs into it.

At the end of the day I collected all of our rubbish up, put it all into the bag and deposited it into a bin. I was amazed to see that when other people left the beach, they abandoned their rubbish and walked away from it.

This was the med, so there were no tides to wash it out, and therefore the same rubbish would be waiting for the folk who left it behind next day when they returned.

Slack, selfish, rude, unacceptable is what I say.

If I am in a car and have anything to eat (which is rare because cars are not for eating in) I save the wrappers and put them in my bin  when I get back home.  I do not wang anything out of the window as I am driving along except for maybe apple cores which are biodegradable anyway.

I have witnessed people throwing takeaway containers out of car windows and cans of pop.  Not only is this a disgusting thing to do - it is dangerous !

If you smoke, throw your tabs in a bin.  Don't just chuck 'em in the street or in a flowerbed.  If you come to my house and you smoke don't throw your tab in my garden or on my patio, or God help me, my bloody decking  ( not that anyone has but they could have)..  :)
What kind of person does this?  I'll tell you who does..  men who come to the house to do a job.. go outside for a smoke and come back in with no tab in sight... that's who does it..then and children's friends..

I have a male friend who comes to mend my computer.  He is a chain smoker.  He seems to live on coffee and cigarettes. Every ten minutes he goes outside for a smoke and I have caught him launching the tab into my flower pots.  He takes aim.  I have told him I will take aim with my foot up his backside if he does it again, computer or no computer.  I will goose him with a sweeping brush and see how he likes that !
When my daughter goes clubbing they all come here to get ready, and they are great fun.  They always come down into the kitchen and dance about, and I join in a bit  caught up in the euphoria of it all, and then they go out for a smoke and spoil it all..It seems that it's okay to throw the tab away because you smoked it outside.............

... I have to pick the fecker up when you buggers have gone :(

Why don't we care enough about this planet?  We are so lucky to be alive, and we don't appreciate it at all.. well some of you don't........

Oh..and don't even get me started on those twats who think it is great to scoop up the dog poo in those little bags and then deposit them on the path or the side of a tree or hang them off a branch.  Put them in yer pocket and keep your hands warm  until you get to a bin.
*removes tongue from cheek*

If you can't do the walk then don't so the talk.  Roughly translated into don't have a blasted dog if you can't be responsible for it's bowel movements.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

And now I have revamped my site

My website that is..............

I decided it needed less but more if you get me.  I got rid of the colours and dumbed it down a bit.  I want it to be glam looking but neat at the same time.

I love Moonfruit  These guys host my website and they let me have templates to play around with to my heart's content.
Last night I opened up a new site completely and worked on it until 2am. I had no idea where the time went - I was having so much fun.

This morning I took a look at my efforts and decided that I could do all of the above on my site anyway, so I have done some of it.

I love those new colours.  They are sharp without being harsh and I decided to include a F&Q page for those little questions everyone asks ..

You know the sort of thing.. do you smoke, have any tattoos...  'ow big are yer tits ?  (remembers Peter Kay )  Can you speak up?  OW BIG.... ARE YOUR TITS?


Well that's done now and I keep going back to the site to see if I can tweak anything.. months later I'll take a look and spot the most obvious spelling mistake !

Someone once told me you have to constantly reinvent yourself or become extinct in any business and I tend to agree.
A website can become very 'dusty 'looking if you don't renew things or even change the text to read the same but in a different way.  It shows you care, and it also shows you are still actually alive :-)

I added some more photos and mixed in the old with the new, so a  couple of those shots are older.
I decided it's okay to do this as long as I look the same (ish)..ha ha........

Hope you are having a good day.  I'm having a great one.